Friday Favorites: fun kid stuff we love

Once upon a time, I had a little weekly blog series called Friday Favorites, which then morphed into my “5 thankful things” this past November. Now, it's back to being Friday Favorites again. Enjoy! This week I'm all about fun stuff for kids that is also fun for adults. Ready, set, go: 1. KidzBop. If you're not familiar with the pop cultural phenomenon known as KidzBop, then you probably don't have a kid between the ages of 5 - 12. Basically, this is a group of kids singing "clean" … [Read more...]

5 belated thankful things

This post is part of a blog series that started as my Friday Favorites and then morphed into "5 thankful things” this November. There's so much to be thankful for, especially when you take one look at the news and see how bad it can be out there. I try to maintain an "attitude of gratitude" year round and hope to cultivate that lifelong philosophy in Zoe as well. For now, here's last week's 5 thankful things: Zoe's good health. This is one of those things you almost feel superstitious … [Read more...]

5 more thankful things

I used to have a fun little blog series called Friday Favorites. I forgot to add any new posts for a long time. Then, this month I started a weekly "5 thankful things" series for November. Now, the two are becoming one - so here are five favorite things for which I am thankful! 1. Our fish. When E got his awesome new job working from home, he got a crazy big aquarium for his home office. This little work perk for E's man cave has turned into a wonderful addition to our whole family. We love … [Read more...]

My first 5 thankful things

I'm seeing a lot of bloggers focus on gratitude and appreciation this month, and it makes sense. Many of my Facebook friends are posting one thing each day to be thankful for. I've decided that each week in November, I'll be posting five things I'm thankful for. Since many of the things I'm thankful for are also my favorite things, I'm wrapping this into my long lost Friday Favorites series - and hopefully I'll keep it going strong even after the month is over. Since I didn't start on time … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites: top 5 baby/toddler hacks

I love and collect life hacks – those little tips and tricks that magically make your life better. In the course of becoming a mom, I’ve found there are parenting hacks, too – shortcuts, hints and practices that make life with babies and kids easier, more fun or less stressful. Are you ready for my favorite baby and toddler hacks? Happy Friday! Baby sign language. Before I had Zoe, I never would have dreamed this possible but preverbal babies as young as six to nine months really can … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites: best drinks in Columbus

I don’t drink alcohol. When I say that in social settings, I tend to get a gasp of shock or notice people recoiling in horror, but really it’s no big deal. Alcohol just doesn’t agree with me. That said, I still enjoy a good adult beverage - just sans alcohol. I like fancy drinks, but not necessarily fruity ones – just really good ones. Here, without further ado, are my top picks for the best drinks in Columbus. Most of these also happen to be at places where you can get great food. And … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites: outdoor family fun in NE Columbus

We’re having such an odd, unseasonably mild Ohio winter. This time last year, I blogged about indoor play spaces for winter fun. But instead of our usual gray days and sub-zero temperatures, lately we’ve been treated to mild weather and sunshine. And I’m not complaining! In fact, we know just where to go on these balmy days. In today’s Friday Favorites, here are our family’s favorite outdoor go-to spots in northeast Columbus. (Side note: I didn’t know whether to call these parks … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites: food blogs

I love food, and I love blogs, so it’s only natural that I have a large number of favorite food blogs. In today’s Friday Favorites post, I’m sharing my most beloved food blogs - some of which are popular, and some less well known. Bon appetit! The Disney Food Blog. I absolutely love their tagline: “food IS a theme park.” How true that is! The Disney Food Blog offers in-depth news, reviews, and information about food and restaurants in Disney’s parks, resorts, and cruise ships, … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites: Beyonce’s best videos

In honor of new mom Beyonce, I’m dedicating this week’s Friday Favorites to her five best videos. Here are my favorites: Beyonce & Lady Gaga – Telephone Okay, so technically this is more of a Gaga video, but I still love Honey B’s part in it. The nickname Honey B is just so perfect for her. Beyonce & Shakira – Beautiful Liar Another duet. I like Beyonce and Shakira both individually, but put them together and they were unstoppable in both this song and video. Love … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites: funny mom and dad blogs

Each Friday, I plan to share with you some of my favorite things. They may range from baby products to books to shopping finds to restaurants. This week, it’s my favorite funny parenting blogs. Parenting is funny – and these blogs capture those hilarious moments in ways that will have you literally laughing out loud at your keyboard. Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. Momblogger Amber Dusick’s awesome Paint pictures and sense of humor have made me laugh til I cried on more … [Read more...]