Dancing with the Nutcracker

I am in no way exaggerating when I say that BalletMet's annual Dancing with the Nutcracker event is one of the best-kept secrets in Columbus, Ohio. It is also one of the most magical and exciting experiences Zoe and I have ever shared. I am so thankful to the friend who tipped me off about the event last year (unfortunately just after it had happened) so that I was able to put a reminder on my calendar to watch for it this year! I'm even more glad that I wrestled a reluctant Zoebelle out of the … [Read more...]

5 reasons the Backyardigans rock

We don't watch a ton of TV in our house, but we do love the Backyardigans on Nick Jr. This is a fun, lively, computer-animated musical adventure that even adults will enjoy. If you're already a fan, check out this awesome Backyardigans episode guide that details the pertinent facts about each show. If you haven't seen it, here are our top five reasons why the Backyardigans is one of the best kids shows on TV. (If you asked Zoe, she would simply say "Tasha." She loves Tasha, the yellow hippo … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites: top 5 baby/toddler hacks

I love and collect life hacks – those little tips and tricks that magically make your life better. In the course of becoming a mom, I’ve found there are parenting hacks, too – shortcuts, hints and practices that make life with babies and kids easier, more fun or less stressful. Are you ready for my favorite baby and toddler hacks? Happy Friday! Baby sign language. Before I had Zoe, I never would have dreamed this possible but preverbal babies as young as six to nine months really can … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites: Beyonce’s best videos

In honor of new mom Beyonce, I’m dedicating this week’s Friday Favorites to her five best videos. Here are my favorites: Beyonce & Lady Gaga – Telephone Okay, so technically this is more of a Gaga video, but I still love Honey B’s part in it. The nickname Honey B is just so perfect for her. Beyonce & Shakira – Beautiful Liar Another duet. I like Beyonce and Shakira both individually, but put them together and they were unstoppable in both this song and video. Love … [Read more...]