The ladybug rescue squad

This fall, as the weather has gotten colder, Zoe has become a one-woman ladybug rescue squad. It's pretty awesome and may become a new fall tradition for our family. Her butterfly habitat, which housed its colorful winged residents for such a regrettably short time, has earned a second life has a super-cool ladybug condo. And this mom, who once avoided bugs and was seriously squicked out by them, has again opened her home to insects that once would have been hurriedly vacuumed up or swiftly … [Read more...]

The butterfly experiment

This summer, I did something I never thought I'd do: I invited five live, wiggly insects into my house, cared for them,¬†and treated them like treasured members of the family. Somewhere in another life, the old, pre-kid me was screaming in horror the entire time. The things we do for our little ones! But in all seriousness, the butterfly experiment - having caterpillars arrive on the doorstep and nurturing them as they turn into chrysalids and then ultimately hatch as newborn butterflies - … [Read more...]