The Halloween sail

It's Halloween today and I'm wearing orange and black. When I glanced at myself in the mirror this morning, I had to chuckle as I was reminded of a long-buried childhood memory that didn't come to mind until I saw these two colors together. I've blogged before that mine was a family of sailing enthusiasts, and that we spent many childhood vacations on the family sailboat. Once upon a time, as we were pining through winter and wishing for the summer sailing season, my Dad informed us that he … [Read more...]

A baby always knows

I love that Zoe is old enough now to have actual conversations that truly let me see inside her amazing mind. One thing that has been boggling mine lately is that she can always recognize and name me in photos - no matter how old or outlandish the photo may be. Me at my fittest ever, during my '96-'97  incredibly motivated yet non-sustainable running days? "That's Mommy!" Me with big '80s hair, frosted "Lawn Guyland" blonde? "That's Mommy." Me in a business suit, looking uber … [Read more...]