Why we foster kittens

Last summer, our family took on a special project as a way to give back, celebrate our love of animals and help make the world a better place. Between July and September 2016, we fostered a total of 12 kittens (including one sweet mama of six who was barely more than a kitten herself) from the Capital Area Humane Society and Humane Society of Delaware County. Fostering kittens and cats is an amazing experience - it involves a bit less work and time than fostering puppies and dogs, yet still … [Read more...]

The joy of recycling

I let Earth day come and go last month without any big hoopla, but it has definitely been on my mind. I want Zoe to grow up being a good custodian of the earth. She already has a fantastic relationship with nature; she loves flowers and trees as well as all manner of critters. Now, I’ve got to instill in her the importance of the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. For today, I’m just going to write about recycling. We’ll tackle some of the other R’s in future posts. When I first … [Read more...]