Smashburger is smashing!

Do y'all know the expression "smashing"? Growing up in the US with fresh-off-the-boat English parents meant that often times as a kid, I'd find myself saying things and having my friends just give me blank stares in return. Fortunately, now as an adult - thanks in large part to our Anglophile culture and the glorification of all things Brit - most people have heard these terms before or at least can figure out what I'm talking about. Anyway, needless to say I had to find SOME way to describe … [Read more...]

A new freezer favorite: Mommade Foods

Disclaimer: I was generously provided samples from MomMade Foods prior to writing this post. That said, my opinions are my own and I happily spent my own money on MomMade Foods as well! Recently, Zoe and I got to attend a blogger event on behalf of Mommade Foods. We were able to meet mom and founder Heather Stouffer, learn all about her nutrition philosophy and best of all taste many of her delicious, healthy foods. Instantly, I was hooked! And that's a good thing, because I am ALWAYS on the … [Read more...]

Just say no to yucky

People are often surprised to hear that I don't drink coffee. Then, their shock turns to true alarm when they find out that I don't drink alcohol, either. You can't imagine how rare it is to meet someone like me, who doesn't drink either of those two incredibly popular things. (The last time I met someone who didn't drink alcohol or coffee, I married him.) It's not for any complex, well thought out reason. It's actually pretty simple and juvenile. You know how when something tastes bad, … [Read more...]

Raising a non sugar monster

As you may have been able to tell from past posts, I've got a bit of a thing for sweets. It's been a lifelong battle. I know sugar is not good for me, and I try to indulge my vice in moderation, but I don't ever seem to be able to get rid of it altogether. At certain points in my life and with Herculean effort, I've been able to wean myself totally off sugar for short durations. Eventually though, I always come crawling back to it. It's a monkey on my back that I've learned to live … [Read more...]

An ode to drive-throughs

I'll be honest - before I had a kid, I considered drive-throughs to be the domain of lazy Americans. I grew up with Brit parents who wouldn't be caught dead at a drive-through (nor did we eat much fast food period, come to think of it. McDonald's was a rare treat on road trips). I scoffed at the people who line up in their cars and wait for the drive-through window rather than parking and walking in. After all, we know what Lethal Weapon 2 taught us about drive-throughs. Since having Zoe, … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites: food blogs

I love food, and I love blogs, so it’s only natural that I have a large number of favorite food blogs. In today’s Friday Favorites post, I’m sharing my most beloved food blogs - some of which are popular, and some less well known. Bon appetit! The Disney Food Blog. I absolutely love their tagline: “food IS a theme park.” How true that is! The Disney Food Blog offers in-depth news, reviews, and information about food and restaurants in Disney’s parks, resorts, and cruise ships, … [Read more...]