We have a magic toilet.

and a flashback to pottytraining!

Apology and disclaimer: Quite some time ago, the good PR folks from Kohler contacted me and asked if I'd like to try out some complimentary high-tech toiletry and then blog about it. I very enthusiastically said yes... but then it took me a long time to get my Chief Technical Officer to install it. And THEN life got too hectic (plus I was watching way too much TV) to blog. Bottom line, I owe those kind Kohler PR folks a huge apology for being so late on the draw. And, that said, the resulting … [Read more...]

Potty training update: we made it!

Thanks in absolutely no part to anything her loving parents did or didn't do, our amazing little girl has decided she wants to put everything in the potty - both pee and poop - and no longer wears diapers. She is even reluctant about wearing a diaper at night, but experience tells us it does make sense to keep one on for sleep just in case. She wakes up dry about 6 days out of 7, but who wants to wake up in a pee puddle one morning a week? Hence, the diaper back-up plan. I want to share … [Read more...]

Potty training for absolute newbies

I had no idea what to expect with regard to potty training. You have to understand that for much of my adult life, I avoided people with kids and sought out friends who didn’t have them. On top of that, our nieces and nephews live pretty far away from us so I just haven’t had a whole lot of exposure to little kids, especially toddlers. So, realizing I’m clueless about this as with most parenting topics, I researched a lot and read a bunch of books and blog posts (I’ve amassed quite a … [Read more...]