Finding the support you need

This post is part of the Attachment Parenting Month blog event, hosted by Attachment Parenting International. Learn more by visiting API Speaks, the blog of Attachment Parenting International. Becoming a first-time parent is so life-changing that you can find yourself needing support in ways you are not used to. Whether that's education during pregnancy to learn more about the kind of birth you want to have, breastfeeding support immediately after your baby comes, family and friends who … [Read more...]

How to be a breastfeeding superstar

There are two types of mommyblogs - those that focus on product reviews and those that get super personal with intimate details of their lives. All of my favorite momblogs are of the latter sort, and so is this one you're reading now. So, with that disclaimer of sorts out of the way, here is the first of several posts I'll be sharing about breastfeeding and how to rock at it. This is what I am calling part 1, for pregnant chicks or those who may someday become pregnant. First-time … [Read more...]