A baby always knows

I love that Zoe is old enough now to have actual conversations that truly let me see inside her amazing mind. One thing that has been boggling mine lately is that she can always recognize and name me in photos – no matter how old or outlandish the photo may be.

Me at my fittest ever, during my ’96-’97  incredibly motivated yet non-sustainable running days? “That’s Mommy!”

Me with big ’80s hair, frosted “Lawn Guyland” blonde? “That’s Mommy.”

Me in a business suit, looking uber professional? “That’s Mommy!”

Me at 25 on a beach vacation in a white bikini, looking happy and tanned? “That’s Mommy.”

Me at a rockin’ Halloween party in all my tattooed spendor, dressed up as a mermaid, biker chick or pirate? “That’s Mommy!”

Zoe can always find me in photos, no matter how different I look – no matter how young or old, how thin or heavy. The only exception is my baby pictures, which she always identifies incorrectly as herself.  E and I take great pleasure in showing her my baby and toddler pictures and hearing her say “That’s Zoe!” The resemblence really is remarkable – and for the record, we’ve also fooled E’s parents in this same way.

But my favorite is still showing her old pictures of the semi-grownup me in one or more of my various past lives. I love that Zoe can always identify me. She always knows her Mommy’s face –  even long, long before I became her Mommy. She just knows me.

It feels good to be so wholly and totally known by my sweet baby girl. I’ll always know her beautiful face, too.

So, how does she always know it’s me? And have you found the “who’s this?” photo game to be a fun family pastime, too? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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