Origami Owl: as cool as it sounds

Are you sick of direct selling companies yet? You know – where you host a party at your house and get all your friends to buy things so you can make out like a bandit in hostess credit.

I am. Or rather, I was – until I discovered Origami Owl. Now I’m seriously considering having a party to introduce my friends to this cool, personalizable jewelry. In the meantime, I’m sharing a product review. I’m not being compensated in any way for this review. I paid for my Origami Owl jewelry myself – and at full price. I just really, really like the products, packaging and story behind Origami Owl.

First off, you should know I’m a sucker for personal, customizable jewelry. I loved those couple name ankle bracelets (worn with an extension around your neck) back in the 80s (was that a Long Island/East Coast thing, or do you know what I’m talking about?). I had an Italian charm bracelet in the early 2000s. I have a locket bracelet with teeny, tiny pics of newborn Zoebelle. I have a hipster necklace that says @LaraK (my Twitter handle). I have a Pandora bracelet with charms I adore. And, last but definitely my favorite of all, I now have my very own Origami Owl “living locket.”

Here’s what I like (and a few things I don’t like) about Origami Owl:

  • The overall quality of the jewelry is really nice. The living lockets are not cheap (mine came to just under $100 with tax and shipping), but I do feel you end up with a gorgeous piece of jewelry that does not look “costumey.” I would recommend the gold over the rose gold – I didn’t like the rose gold chain I got. I wish I would have chosen a gold chain instead. I do love that they have so many choices of chain, both in length and in metals.
  •  They have a great selection of charms so you really can find something for everyone. The charms are adorably tiny – I mean really tiny. Smaller than you think, and much smaller than they appear on the website. For example, I got a “pearl” accent to put in my locket and it’s about the size of a pin head. Good luck finding it if it slips out or rolls away while you’re adjusting your charms in your locket!
  • The lockets are relatively easy to open once you wedge a fingernail into the crevice, but the magnets are strong enough that the lockets wouldn’t open on their own under normal wear. My daughter can’t get the locket open – and that’s a good thing. I feel secure wearing it and don’t worry about losing charms. I also think that a “starter” locket set would be an awesome gift to get a friend or female relative, because then you can add to it over time by getting her more charms for more versatility.
  • I love that you could customize the lockets to match different outfits, moods or occasions if you wanted to (and if you had enough charms). The medium locket holds about four charms and the large would likely hold about six. I also like the metal plates you can buy to put at the back of the locket – it would be great if these were truly personalizable, but right now all you can do is purchase plates with set words on (like love, family, blessed, etc.). Hopefully soon they’ll provide an option to put names or other words on the plates.
  • I’m a sucker for nice packaging, and Origami Owl nails it. I made a 6-second Vine video the day my package arrived. From the outermost shipping box, to the inner box (like a Chinese food container – so cute), to the promotional materials, to the absolutely precious Asian silk pouch they give you to keep your necklace in… I am in love. Now I am dying to buy another one just to have that experience again! Talk about awesome marketing.
  • Speaking of marketing, have you heard the story behind Origami Owl? The company was founded by a 14 year old girl named Bella in 2010. As if I wasn’t already in love with their stuff, now I’m really hooked. The company, obviously a huge success, is run by a 17 year old. Grrl power, baby! And, they have tons of mother/daughter consultant pairs who do sell the jewelry together – is that sweet or what?

So, there you have it – everything I love about Origami Owl. Next time I want a slightly shorter chain (I went with the super long 30 inch and it’s not quite right for me) and the larger locket size (I went with the medium and it’s pretty small). Other than that, I love everything I got!

What do you think – do you still like to host or attend product parties? What’s your favorite? Prior to discovering Origami Owl, I was a Tastefully Simple fan. I think I may have a new reason to get the girls together. Want to come?

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Proud and loving midlife mama. Lucky and devoted wife. Dog, cat, snake and guinea pig mom. Travel nut. Writer since birth. PR and social media pro by day - tattoo doula by night.


    1. I know, right? Addictive. I used to have PartyLite and Tastefully Simple parties at least once a quarter.. but now it’s been a long time. I pretty much gave them up cold turkey. I have a friend who does Pampered Chef and I’d like to have a party with her, but Origami Owl is my new obsession!

      1. Oh no! You’ve addicted, I mean introduced, me onto something new! I ♥♥♥ them!!!
        Can’t make a decision to order yet! 🙂

  1. Hi Lara, I love your blog. I am glad you love the living locket. If you would like to do an online or catalog party or be a part of this wonderful company and start selling it let me know, I would love to help you. If you are not happy with anything the company has a 30 day guarantee I am sure you can contact them and see if they can change out the chain for you. Did your order come with any return information? If not, I can provide you the information to contact them. Because you ordered online and not through me directly I believe you have to deal with them. Let me know if I can send you any information or if you need anything. Do you have any plans on visiting Pauline anytime soon?

    1. Thanks, Marla. I would like to have an in-person party here in Columbus. Do you have an associate locally here that I could work with? Thanks!

  2. Hello! I can’t find anyone to answer my questions. So, I ordered a medium necklace for my sister along with a medium dream plate. But, when she received it, the plate would not fit in the locket. Should it fit in tight and we just cant figure it out? Or could they have possibly sent us the wrong size?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Britany, I’m not sure if you’ve found your answer to your question yet but the plates are not a tight fit and they can possibly twist around inside the locket.

  3. I ordered an Origami Owl tag necklace that was a fundraiser for a local charity. I was very disappointed in the quality. The chain is already tarnishing. It’s not sterling silver. It’s cheap costume jewelry with a high price tag. Plus it took 4 weeks for the order to be delivered. Not impressed at all with this company.

    1. Stee…I heard the same thing from several people about the quality. I looked into the company to actually sell and I heard a lot of waiting for delivery. I decided to try it either way, and then I come to find out that there is a waiting list. I’ve been waiting for a month and still no answer!! So I found another company. Same concept, better quality, better customer service and great pay! I’m so sorry you had to experience the poor quality with your jewelry. I believe if you are going to pay that amount of money…your jewelry better last a long time!

      1. I had heard the same quality issues months ago and for that reason I did not sign up wtih them.

        However, since going to a party and purchasing a locket (which I got in LESS than two weeks . . . . ) I LOVE the quality and feel the money is well spent and, accordingly,I signed up just today to become a consultant!

        Everyone has their own opinions, of course —

  4. I love “googling” my business and seeing what everyone has to say. I love all of the input and reviews. I am an Origami Owl Independent Designer. I began when the wait list ended just a little over a month ago. I love Origami Owl, the idea of sharing a story through jewelry is so unique, and it is so much easier to have a transparent locket then the ones where you have to pry open a little notch to show everyone what is inside. Our mission is to be a force for good and inspire and encourage women of all ages. I love being apart of something so sweet, sentimental, and yet empowering. I am so sorry to hear that people are not satisfied with their jewelry, we do have a GREAT return policy. Thanks for sharing this post with the world, Lara. You are awesome! I hope you ended up having a phenomenal Jewelry Bar!

  5. Hello Lara! I am an Independent designer for Origami Owl Just North Of Powell! I Would Love for you to hostess a Jewelry bar if you are still interested!

  6. Matilda Jane Trunk shows. I won’t host one, but I eagerly support friends who host. Though the mesh bag packaging is not quite as nice as it used to be, it’s still the best packaged clothing that we buy for the princess……

  7. Hi !! I have a question. I ordered a bracelet and just received it. One of the charms is stuck. I cannot open it. It’s not the normal one with the little crevice. It has nothing, no sort of notch to open it … HELP !!!

    1. The medium link locket for bracelets (as well as some of the others) open by unscrewing the top in a counterclockwise direction, rather than prying open at a notch. That should be how you get it open. Good luck!

  8. Bridget – Did you get the link locket? If so, you will need to twist the top of the locket off to get the charms out. If you live close to Westerville, Ohio, I would be more than willing to meet you if you need further assistance. I have been an Origami Owl Independent Designer since March of 2012.

  9. Can you actually earn income from selling or is it only
    Receiving jewelry at a discount and free items?

  10. Hi, I’ve really enjoyed reading this blog and review. I am an Origami Owl Leading Designer, and my 15 year old daughter sells with me. We have 2’other fantastic ladies on our team as well. This is the best company I have ever worked for and the most fun any job has ever been! It’s teaching my daughter initiative and great social skills with adults! We’d love to help anyone with a jewelry bar and YES, Charlene Carswell, you earn money! Feel free to message me, I can give you my number and we can chat.. robinkaufmanowl@gmail.com; http://robinkauf.origamiowl.com

  11. Lara – what size locket did you get and how many charms does it fit? Any recommendations on chain? (Like if I get a large locket, do you think the more dainty normal chain will hold it or should I get a chunkier one?)

    Thanks for all the info!

    1. Hi Lara and Everyone else!,

      I’m a designer with Origami Owl and I am sorry for the others here who have had a bad experience. Lara, if you still have your necklace and are looking to exchange it I am happy to do that for you. I read that you have a designer in your area so please feel free to reject my offer however I want all Origami Owl customers to be happy. Even if they are not mine directly. Please let me know if I can be of service changing out your chain for you.

      Anyone else, if you have any questions regarding Origami Owl I am happy to provide any information or help! My email is SugraImpressions@gmail.com and my O2 website is http://www.SugraImpressions.OrigamiOwl.com.

      I certainly hope I can help!

      Susan R.

  12. I just received my order and I have a question for all of u with Origami experience. I ordered a silver custom double link chain and it’s bright almost white looking, I thought it was goin to look silver not blingy. My friend has a chain that she ordered a while back from Origami Owl and it is beautiful very expensive looking not blingy. Snce I am new will u all plz tell me what I shld order? I like the silver look…not blingy

  13. I think it’s great you love Origami Owl. I was addicted when I first saw the catalog before the first party I went to. I had to join! I’m not selling anymore but I am still addicted to the jewelry!

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  15. I just got a Living Locket ring and I can’t get it open and neither can my (adult) daughter.. any suggestions?

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