People without jobs are losing it right now

It occurred to me today that even though my hubby has the stress of his job and being on video calls all day, at least he has that to buffer him from the gaping void that is being trapped at home all day WITHOUT a paying job.

Side note: I am not doing well today, friends – so if you’re not doing well either, then we’re in good company.

I have days where I stay pretty positive, can see the bright side in all of this and basically feel like myself in spite of the Coronavirus quarantine. But then I have days like today, where I don’t even recognize myself because I just feel so down, blue and sad. And even a little angry!

It’s so not like me. I hate feeling “weak.” I keep telling myself that it’s NOT weak to cry or feel down; in fact, it’s perfectly normal under the circumstances. Things are hard all over. It’s likely hardest for those in the health care industry working to keep us all safe by putting themselves at risk. I feel so guilty complaining; I know my problems aren’t that bad relative to so many.

But still… sometimes you just have to vent about how badly things suck right now. I am an extrovert who craves the company and ideas of others, and here I am locked up with two adoring dogs, a daughter who is awesome but not super interested in doing the things I want to do, and a husband who is hard at work and unavailable until about 6 pm each night.

I would love to go hiking in a beautiful park with the dogs and a couple of friends for conversation and companionship – but the beautiful parks are starting to close because so many people aren’t following safe social distancing guidelines. I am finding I can’t handle this much aloneness, isolation and loneliness – it starts getting to me.

I’d love to put my craving for company to good use by serving others who are worse off – like those stuck in nursing homes with no family to visit. I could hold up signs outside windows, or Facetime/Zoom with folks who have no one to talk to. I know I can’t be the only extrovert climbing the walls!

I would love to serve and give back somehow. Right now, I really miss having a job and a way to share my gifts and talents in a meaningful way. This blog is a terrific outlet but I need to do more. I am sure others in between jobs can relate. If you have ideas for how I can give back or pay it forward, let me know.

In the meantime, please check on your friends who are looking for work right now! I feel like this time of uncertainty is particularly hard in our situation. Although I was actively looking for work when this crazy Coronavirus crisis hit hard, that is pretty much on hold at the moment due to the need to stay home with the kiddo and be her teacher for a while.

But once the economy starts back up, I will once again be looking for the right communications gig – and I have one or two very special roles in mind. Here’s hoping all that can come to fruition once things can safely resume normalcy again – or once our “new normal” begins.

Are you out of work and losing your mind in this quarantine, too – if so, maybe we should set up a Zoom call for others in this boat. I do feel like I can’t be the only one having some pretty bad days lately, and I’m always up for some additional social interaction.

Let me know in the comments below or over on Facebook if you have ideas or tips to share! Hope you all are managing well and finding things to feel positive about, even during isolation at home.

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