Sometimes you just need an Amish fry pie

I can’t believe I haven’t written before about how much we love Amish fry pies.

Oh, sure, I’ve mentioned them in passing – but I’ve not yet dedicated a post just to the crunchy, flaky, soft, fruity goodness that is an old-fashioned Amish fry pie. It’s high time I fixed that!

Fry pies are always a major highlight of our family’s visits to Ohio’s Amish country. Hubby and I have loved them since before Z was born – and since she was about three, Z has also been a huge fan.

Fry pies are basically a fruit-filled, deep-fried, sugar-glazed pie crust version of a calzone. Who wouldn’t like that?

The only thing wrong with fry pies is that they’re hard to find unless you live in a more rural part of Ohio. There aren’t too many Amish folks here in the Columbus area – although you will see Amish families at bigger tourist attractions from time to time, like COSI or the zoo.

Sometimes, we get a craving for fry pies and don’t have time to cruise all the way up to Holmes County, which is home to Ohio’s largest settlement of Amish folks and the second-largest Amish population in the world after Lancaster County, PA. What then? Well, I’m here to tell you about a couple of my favorite fry pie sources closer to home!

First, check the convenience stores attached to gas stations. Yes, you heard that right. We’ve gotten lucky finding Amish fry pies at many local gas stations. The closer you get to Amish country, the more likely the gas stations are to carry fry pies. Especially try Friendship gas stations/stores (we’ve found them at the Lewis Center one!) but we’ve found them at plenty of other gas station stores as well.

Next, visit local community markets. Again, the closer you live to Amish country, the more likely you are to find fry pies. I can tell you that Sambuca’s Market and Greenhouse in Galena sells fry pies – and they get shipments twice a week, so check for fresh fry pies here on Tuesdays and Fridays!

Last but not least, check your local farmers market or farm stands. It makes sense since most Amish people are farmers and fry pies are a popular item they bake and sell. We’ve found fry pies recently at the little seasonal pop-up farmers market/farm stand at the corner of Polaris Parkway and Maxtown Road in Westerville.

Of course, the best way to get an Amish fry pie is to head straight up north to a legitimate Amish bakery where you can find fresh, delicious baked goods and fry pies in every possible flavor. Failing that, however, the additional sources above should be able to hook you up.

I guess the only other thing I can suggest is… maybe bake or fry some up yourself!

If you do decide to make homemade fry pies, please let me know so I can be sure to come over and help you taste-test them.

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