Everything matters at NCH

This Sunday, June 10, from 11 am to 4 pm, you and all our central Ohio neighbors have the opportunity to visit and tour the new Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus - one of the top pediatric healthcare institutions in the country. I highly recommend that you pack up the kids and make a morning or afternoon of it. I got to tour as part of a special preview for bloggers last Saturday, and I can't rave about it enough. This place is THAT amazing. Here are my top ten reasons why you and … [Read more...]

A terrifying lesson in carseat safety

When we were pregnant with Zoe and purchasing our first infant carseat, we did our homework and bought a Britax - a brand well known for safety. After installing the carseat according to directions, we headed down to the fire house for an inspection to be sure we had it just right. And, after doing even more research along the way, we decided to leave Zoe rear-facing until at least age two (this has been found to be safer in many crash test studies and is recommended by the American … [Read more...]