Taming the holiday chaos

This blog post originally appeared on the Easton MomEscape site. Full disclosure: I serve on the MomE Mavens panel and I adore Easton Town Center! But you probably knew that already. Women and moms everywhere are starting to feel the urgent pull of "getting it all done" before the holidays. It's a time-honored tradition to stress into a frazzled mess at this time of year! We'd like to help with some ideas to tame the chaos. We polled the Easton MomE Mavens - a group of fantastic moms and … [Read more...]

How to be a breastfeeding superstar

There are two types of mommyblogs - those that focus on product reviews and those that get super personal with intimate details of their lives. All of my favorite momblogs are of the latter sort, and so is this one you're reading now. So, with that disclaimer of sorts out of the way, here is the first of several posts I'll be sharing about breastfeeding and how to rock at it. This is what I am calling part 1, for pregnant chicks or those who may someday become pregnant. First-time … [Read more...]