Friday Favorites: Beyonce’s best videos

In honor of new mom Beyonce, I’m dedicating this week’s Friday Favorites to her five best videos. Here are my favorites:

  • Beyonce & Lady Gaga – Telephone Okay, so technically this is more of a Gaga video, but I still love Honey B’s part in it. The nickname Honey B is just so perfect for her.
  • Beyonce & Shakira – Beautiful Liar Another duet. I like Beyonce and Shakira both individually, but put them together and they were unstoppable in both this song and video. Love it.
  • Beyonce – Halo (live) In this performance, Beyonce sings her song Halo to a little girl with cancer. If this doesn’t choke you up, then you have a heart of stone and nothing can touch you. This song is really special to me because it was my song for our old dog Jack when he was very, very sick. I made this video of Jack several years ago and it still brings tears to my eyes. Okay, enough crying. 
  • Beyonce – Greenlight This one is pretty epic from a fashion standpoint. Lots of shiny clothes and killer heels – yet Beyonce still manages to look sweet and innocent somehow. I wonder if she’ll still wear all those smokin’ hot outfits now that she’s a new mom? Come to think about it, all that rubber and vinyl is probably really easy to wipe down when baby spits up on you. 
  • Destiny’s Child and Elmo – A New Way to Walk Here’s one even Zoe and Blue Ivy can watch: an adorable early look at Beyonce and company with the one and only Elmo. How cute and young does B look here? Love this.

What have I missed – got any other favorite Beyonce videos or live moments? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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