Lush 101: smells like heaven

I love learning about new products from a friend and discovering a whole new world of wonderfulness previously unknown to you. That’s how I stumbled into Lush at the recommendation of a friend a few years back. It’s been a love affair ever since!

Lush is a unique, UK-headquartered beauty, bath and fragrance chain and the source of some of my favorite personal luxury items. But I constantly run into people who have never heard of Lush or its products. Hence, I’ve decided to come up with a Lush 101 for folks who have never heard of it or set foot in the door. Hopefully by the time I’m done, you’ll feel a fervent need to rush in there! That’s how much I love Lush.

Ironically, the very things I now love about Lush were the things that kept me away for a long time – the overtly “hip” nature of the place, the youthful vibe and the almost overwhelming cacophony of scents that assail your senses upon walking in (or even near) the shop’s front door. But don’t be afraid! Lush is for everyone – moms too, even if you don’t identify as funky, fresh or cool – and the scents are all individually way better once you get them home and away from all of their friends and neighbors.

In short: a little Lush goes a long way. The overwhelming smell of the store can indeed be a bit much to a beginner.

Lush has a ton of products, but here are the ones I think you need to try out as a newbie to the brand.

  • Lush bath bombs – yes, they’re pricey, but just treat yo’self. Lush put bath bombs on the map – no one knew about these things before Lush. They turn your bathtub into a twinkling galaxy, a sparkling rainbow pool and so much more. Live it up and spend an evening in the tub with candles and a Lush bath bomb. You won’t regret it, I promise.
  • Shower gels (aka body wash) – you need this. You use it anyway, so why not switch to a Lush version that will have you smelling like a dream?! 
  • Shower jellies are basically body wash in jello form – so fun and silly! These may not be for everyone, but I do love having one in my shower/bath for when the mood strikes. They smell great, too, just like everything at Lush.
  • R&B hair treatment – just go smell this leave-in hair moisturizer and tell me it’s not the most luscious, tropical scent you’ve ever experienced. I don’t even have the type of hair it’s recommended for, but I still own this just because I die of happiness every time I smell it! 
  • Rose Jam anything – go smell this scent and then try to hold yourself back from buying absolutely everything they have in this fragrance. It’s like sweet raspberry jam swirled with intoxicating roses and it makes you feel like a little slice of delicious heaven all day when you’re wearing it. You will want to eat yourself. Take that any way you like.
  • Solid body butters/massage bars – you’ll need one of these in a little tin. They smell great and it’s fun having a solid version of a massage oil or body butter to rub all over yourself. Or someone else!
  • Kids’ fave: fun with FUN! 4-in1 fun will get your kiddo clean and smelling great, but first they’ll have a blast with bubbles, playing with it like playdough and sudsing up from head to toe (literally – their hair, too). Fun is amazing and I will freely admit that I love it just as much as my kiddo does!

So, there you have it – my beginner’s guide to the addiction/hobby known as Lush. I hope you enjoy sampling these products and you’ll have to let me know which ones you fall in love with!

Do you love other products at Lush? Be sure to share your tips with me in the comments below or over on Facebook! 

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