Find peace, love and salt therapy at Tranquility Salt Cave

How often do you get to recline back on a lounger in gorgeous, ethereal surroundings and just relax and breathe for 45 minutes? Not often enough, I’m guessing.

I got to experience the peaceful zen bliss of halotherapy at Tranquility Salt Cave in north Columbus this week. It was a long-awaited girls’ night out with one of my besties and we both absolutely loved it! 

Tranquility Salt Cave is tucked into a shopping center off Route 23 and looks quite ordinary on the outside, like any retail shop. Step inside, and you’re welcomed into a gift shop area with salt lamps, essential oils, crystals and other “new age” accessories.

You’ll be offered a basket to put your shoes in, and given clean white cotton socks to put on. Then, you’ll step through a vast door to the salt cave itself, my friends, and you will feel as though you’re on another planet. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, ethereal and otherworldly inside!

The salt cave is lined with Himalayan rock salt boulders and lit with color-changing rock salt lamps and twinkling fairy lights that look like stars above. Beneath your feet, literally tons of granulated salt makes up the floor of the cave.

Once you have reclined on one of the eight lounge chairs inside, each with its own fluffy blanket, you will be encouraged to relax and just breathe. For 45 minutes, pure salt is diffused into the salt cave as you listen to meditation prompts and soothing music.

According to the Tranquility website, negative ions are released into the air, helping to promote calmness and toxins begin to be removed from the air which you breathe, encouraging healing.

I don’t know if I was healed of anything in particular, but I certainly felt calm, meditative and peaceful during and after my visit. In fact, while enjoying the salt cave experience, I didn’t have a worry or care in the world. It was transcendental, mystical and delightful – an experience which I hope to repeat again soon.

Usually when one hears the expression “salty” it means grumpy or irritable, but when I left the salt cave I was happy, zen-filled and literally salty; every bit of my exposed skin tasted of salt!

If you are looking for a fun and creative date night, “me time” opportunity or night out with friends, look no further than Tranquility Salt Cave’s wonderful experiences. They are also adding a yoga studio and massage services – so you know I’ll be checking those out as soon as they are ready!

Have you ever experienced a salt therapy room like the salt cave, and what did you think? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below or over on Facebook.

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