Moms just want to have fun

Moms are tired. Moms need a break. Moms are busy. And sometimes, moms are even angry. But you know what else? Moms really like to have fun!

And I don’t just mean have fun with our kids, although of course that can be a blast. Sometimes, though, we really need to get out and have fun with other moms, without our little ones. I know wine nights are popular with a lot of moms, but since I don’t drink, I’m always looking for alternatives.

For a while, I was organizing a monthly moms’ movie night out so that a bunch of us could get together and go see movies that are rated higher than PG. It was really nice seeing things in the theatre that weren’t animated by Disney or Pixar!

But keeping up with a monthly commitment was tough, plus it didn’t allow for much conversation. Sometimes I think spontaneous, one-off get togethers with friends are better – and easier to fit into an already packed family schedule.

Are you looking for a list of fun things to do with your mom friends – or even a way to meet other moms and become friends? Here are some ideas. Go have fun!

  • Check Facebook, Eventbrite or Columbus Navigator for upcoming events like floral, baking or other craft workshops. Then sign up with a friend to make beautiful things with other moms – and maybe even make more friends while you’re there.
  • Next time your kiddo decides to befriend a stranger at a park, play area or school – seek out the mom and see if you two can become friends, too. My newest friend and I connected this way when our daughters hit it off at the airport while waiting for a plane. The other mom had the presence of mind to ask for my digits when she noticed what great chemistry our kiddos had – and it has blossomed into a great friendship both for the girls and us moms!
  • In need of more meaningful conversation than you can achieve in an evening out? Plan an entire girls day out with your bestie. Here’s my itinerary for a fab girls day out in Yellow Springs. Please note that any girls day out with your bestie always has to include time at a spa, because duh.
  • Remember this post I wrote about cool things to do with teens? Well, these would also be super fun to do with other moms. Either plan ahead or go the spontaneous route and see if they’re free later this week!
  • Here’s a thought: make online friends through mom groups on Facebook, then meet up offline. Lately, I’ve found some nice connections happening a few of my various niche Facebook moms groups. The only trouble is that most of them are not local (or even in this country). Still, I hold out hope that one day I can meet more non-drinking, gentle parenting, over 40, working moms of only kiddos right here in my own backyard! (And if you are one – want to be BFFs?)
  • One of my favorite weekly activities right now is a parenting book club with other moms. It was organized through my daughter’s school but I’m enjoying it so much that I just might see if I can keep it going – or start a new book club for moms – once it’s over. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve actually read a grown-up book in a long time. Typically I’m reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid installations with Z!
  • Take a Zumba or yoga class with friends. I have taken Zumba at the Westerville Community Center in the past and loved it – and a few friends have been raving about local hiphop dance classes. I feel like this would be a fun thing to do with a friend, but might be too intimidating to make new friends at a class while sweating to the beat.

Those are some of my ideas, but I’m sure you have even better ones. How do you meet other moms and become friends – or what do you and your existing friends like to do together? I’d love to hear in the comments below or over on Facebook.

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