Do you believe in Book Fairies?

Do you love books?

I do. I love to read and always have. Reading was one of my favorite escapes during childhood – and continues to be, every day since.

Reading transports you to another world, another time, even another life. Right now during the pandemic, reading is a great way to fulfill that longing for travel!

We read a lot of books at our house, and there’s no way we have room for all of the ones we’ve read, plus all of the books we want to read. Our book shelves are already stuffed; left unchecked to rampantly pile up, I’m sure books could easily take over our entire home.

Sometimes we donate a pile or box of books the traditional way, but lately we’ve been having a lot more fun giving books away. A phenomenon known as the Book Fairies started in the UK and spread to the US and other countries. In the words of the website:

Book fairies are people who, when they’ve finished reading a good book, want a unique and fun way to pass it on to the next person. They pop an official book fairy sticker on it, which reads ‘take this book, read it & leave it for the next person to enjoy,’ and they might even add a ribbon to dress it up as a gift. When they’ve prepared their gift, they will hide it in public to be found.

Being a book fairy is giving books away in a special and unique way that makes people feel as though they’ve found a treasure. And, let’s face it, they have – because books are treasures. I love participating in anything that could inspire reading in a child or adult – it’s the ultimate gift!

Book fairies recognize the magic inherent in books and reading – and we desire to pass it on in a tangible way. It’s no surprise to me that Emma Watson, who played the beloved book-reader Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, is herself a Book Fairy.

Who doesn’t like to find a surprise, gift or treasure while out and about, whether a kindness rock or Book Fairy book?

Z and I have had fun during our initial forays as book fairies, and I’m excited to continue making book fairy drops. I’ll admit though, I worry that during these times of Coronavirus, people may not be too excited about finding and picking up a book from a stranger.

You can order the stickers and other supplies to become an official Book Fairy through the I Believe in Book Fairies website. It’s fun to do because then you can watch Instagram for photos tagged #ibelieveinbookfairies to see who finds and posts a photo of your books.

If you’re a big reader like we are, how do you manage the ebb and flow of books into and out of your home? Have you ever heard of the Book Fairies in your area? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below or over on Facebook.

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