It’s safe to vote… so please VOTE!

This week, I went through comprehensive training to be a poll worker or Precinct Election Official (PEO) with Delaware County. I look forward to serving our community on election day.

I’ve never done anything like this before. My participation in our country’s government has thus far been limited to simply going out and voting. But this year, I felt that I simply had to do more.

I feel so distraught about the state of our nation; I want to do anything and everything I can to bring about positive change!

For the first time this year, I’ll actually be part of the voting process as more than simply a voter. I am eager and excited to defend democracy and serve my fellow citizens by helping them vote safely and confidently. I feel even more pumped up about voting since my training, thanks to all of the safety and security measures in place to keep us all healthy and make sure everyone’s vote is counted.

Here are the main reasons I’m feeling great about voting this year, aside from my desire for change:

1. There are a ton of COVID-related safety precautions in place to help people feel safe and comfortable while they vote. We will have poll workers cleaning and sanitizing constantly. We will be handing out masks, gloves and finger cots to minimize risk of exposure. We will be asking everyone to wear masks and socially distance. And poll workers who have to work closely with the public will be wearing all of the above plus face shields!

We are prioritizing safety and cleanliness so that everyone can feel comfortable and confident to come out and vote. Plus, there are many options for voters who are not able to physically come to the polls. These include voting by mail, voting early at the Board of Elections during off-peak times (avoid the early morning, lunchtime or evening hours) and curbside voting at your polling location on election day.

2. There are SO many checks and balances in the voting process itself. I don’t know about everywhere, but here in Delaware County we run a tight ship. The processes are so well documented and there is a huge amount of respect and professionalism involved. Your vote is taken extremely seriously and will definitely get to the right place!

As one example: as a Democratic PEO I am not allowed to go anywhere, talk to anyone or do anything without a Republican PEO by my side, and vice versa. Absolutely everything is done in bipartisan teams to ensure fairness. Blue and Red will be side by side for every moment – as it should be.

So, please get out there and VOTE! Whether you do it early, by mail, in person, curbside (for people who physically can’t make it inside), wait until November 3 at the polls or hand carry it to the Board of Elections by 7:30 pm that night… please know that your vote matters and we need YOU!

Let me know if you have any specific questions about voting in Ohio this year, and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll do my best to get it for you. And let me know if you’ve ever worked the polls before and have any pro tips for me! It’s going to be a very long day on November 3, but I’m ready and willing to do my part and serve my country.

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