Do you know the driver who hurt my family?

Someone hurt my family yesterday and then drove off to avoid the consequences.

It was a beautiful Saturday and unseasonably warm. E went out for a cruise in our Miata with our puppy Lambo by his side.

While driving along Polaris Parkway, a woman around age 25 slammed her grey Grand Cherokee into the back of our little green Miata hard enough to crunch it into the Tesla in front of it.

Then, the young female driver took off.

I’m sure she was scared and freaked out. Perhaps she didn’t have insurance – or even a license.

I truly hope she will come to her senses and do the right thing by owning up to the crash. I know that the police, as well as our insurance company, are eager to talk to her. And so am I.

Whoever she is, that person hurt my family. Thankfully, my husband and our Goldendoodle puppy are sore and shaken up, but not seriously injured. I am so very, very thankful that it wasn’t worse.

But this young woman needs help. She drove straight into the back of an electric green racing Miata in broad daylight. How does someone not see a car that bright?! It literally glows, day or night. She must have been extremely distracted.

And here’s the thing that is so unfair: that wasn’t just any car. My husband worked soooo hard on that little Miata. He bought it in the fall of 2020 to be a fun project car. He spent a year and a half rebuilding it, inside and out, and then custom-wrapped it himself in our garage. It was his pride and joy.

Today was the first really nice weather day of 2022 to take the Miata out with the top down. Who did E choose as his lucky cruising partner? Our Goldendoodle puppy, Lamborghini.

Lambo was so excited to be invited, and E was in such a great mood. I took photos as they cruised out of our driveway – such a cute sight!

Then, I got a call two hours later that made my blood run cold. They had been the victims of a hit-and-run accident. The Miata is badly damaged both in the front and the back. The driver who caused the crash ran off, leaving two damaged cars in her wake.

E has had headaches and neck pain ever since the accident. In addition, he is beyond discouraged about his poor car. Our puppy Lambo is young and resilient, so she seems fine – although she was terrified yesterday and could have been killed if she had been thrown from the car or bolted out into traffic.

I am so very thankful they are both okay. I know they will recover and I’m beyond grateful.

The woman driver is another story. Please, if you know this hit and run driver, won’t you let me know? She has to learn that she can’t just crash into someone and get away with it. Next time, she could hurt or even kill a child. She needs a serious wake-up call.

I’m super sad today for my hubby – and not just because of his physical pain and discomfort. It breaks my heart to think of all the hard work, blood, sweat and time he put into that fun little Miata. He treasured that car.

Our whole family loved the little Miata – and so did many of the kids in our neighborhood. At this point, we’re not even sure if it’s worth fixing up because the damage is so significant. And it will never be this fun shade of neon green again because the company that made that wrap no longer sells it.

I hope someone out there will see this, realize they know someone who fits this description and report this woman to the police. You could literally be saving a life.

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