My first 5 thankful things

I'm seeing a lot of bloggers focus on gratitude and appreciation this month, and it makes sense. Many of my Facebook friends are posting one thing each day to be thankful for. I've decided that each week in November, I'll be posting five things I'm thankful for. Since many of the things I'm thankful for are also my favorite things, I'm wrapping this into my long lost Friday Favorites series - and hopefully I'll keep it going strong even after the month is over. Since I didn't start on time … [Read more...]

A puppy and a toddler. Are we nuts?

I’m seriously thinking about starting a new series for this blog: the “Are we nuts?” series. Here’s the first entry. It seems my beloved husband and I like to walk on the wild side, because earlier this month we brought home a bouncing baby girl - aka our gorgeous little red Goldendoodle. We did our research, found a great breeder and fell in love with Autumn. Our puppy has been a huge success so far – Zoe loves her and Autumn’s as sweet as can be. That said, it had been … [Read more...]