My first 5 thankful things

I’m seeing a lot of bloggers focus on gratitude and appreciation this month, and it makes sense. Many of my Facebook friends are posting one thing each day to be thankful for. I’ve decided that each week in November, I’ll be posting five things I’m thankful for. Since many of the things I’m thankful for are also my favorite things, I’m wrapping this into my long lost Friday Favorites series – and hopefully I’ll keep it going strong even after the month is over.

Since I didn’t start on time at the start of November, I’ve got some catching up to do. I’ll post five thankful things today and then five more this Friday (and I’ll double up again next week). Today, I’m very thankful for these five things:

1. HBO GO. Mama has a brand new little helper, and it’s the miracle known as HBO GO. I can never count on catching my favorite shows at the exact moment they’re aired – and finding my butt on the couch in front of the TV is pretty uncommon. However, when I get the golden opportunity, I love to hide away in my office with the door closed and have a rare moment of alone time while I watch an episode of True Blood or Game of Thrones in my secret lair. HBO GO lets me watch all my favorite shows whenever I want to, streamed live to my computer. It’s amazing. It makes me never want to leave the house. Such a wonderful, guilty little pleasure!

2. My Mom’s coming to visit for a whole week! Having my family far away is hard at times, but especially my Mommers. She’s my best friend, she’s Zoe’s amazing Gran, and she’s just an incredible person. I love spending time with her! Usually her visits are far too short, but this time we get her for a whole week. I simply cannot wait til she arrives! I’m getting so excited planning fun things for us to do as a family while she’s here. Blog post to come on fun holiday happenings as soon as I complete my research.

3. GreenBEAN Delivery Service. You know how we’re all supposed to eat more fresh fruits and veggies? Well, Tuesdays around here is “Veggie Christmas” because we get a big green bin full of fresh, organic and local fruits and veggies. It’s amazing. I’ve been inspired to cook veggies I’ve never tried before, and it helps get Zoe excited about fruits and veggies too because she loves to help me unpack the big green bin. This has been a huge win for our family and I’ve found it’s no more expensive than getting this type of healthy produce at the store. Anything that comes right to my doorstep gets deep and abiding love and gratitude from me.

4. Our dog Autumn. I haven’t blogged about our gorgeous, goofy Goldendoodle lately, but our sweet girl Autumn is all grown up, turning two the week of Thanksgiving, and simply the most amazing dog ever. She’s a fantastic “sister” to Zoe, an amazing companion to E and I, and a terrific house protector. She may look fluffy and poofy, but she can be a bad@ss when needed – she rarely barks, but when she does her bark is super deep and loud! I am so proud of the great dog she has grown into. She is so much more than just a pretty face – she’s beautiful on the inside, too. I’m SO thankful for her!

5. Lila Rose – my new online shopping obsession. Have you heard about this unique Facebook shopping phenomenon? She posts photos of new pieces each Sunday at 9 pm EST and her fans comment with their email address and the size/color they would like. Every single piece sells out so it’s quite a race to be sure you get to buy your favorites. I’ve won one and lost one – but it’s addictive! Sooo much fun! Alex, the owner (and model) behind Lila Rose, has nailed her target audience (moms who want to be chic not frumpy) and does a fantastic job curating her collection to meet their needs. I am so glad I discovered Lila Rose and I’m thankful to be able to shop from home on a Sunday evening – and find cute, trendy clothes that fit well (and that are delivered right to my door!)

That’s it for my first five. I’ll post another five thankful things this Friday. In the meantime, what are you thankful for – or what are some favorite things you cannot live without right now? I”d love to hear in the comments below.

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