Small businesses rocking these wild times

Here in Ohio, our governor recently announced that the stay at home order will continue until May 29, 2020.

That is a little confusing, considering that they are also now allowing many businesses to open up again.

I guess the bottom line is that if people CAN stay home, they are being asked to stay home. And we three plan to, at least for a while yet.

These are tough times for businesses and people alike, but there are also success stories.

It makes me happy to see small businesses pivot and adapt to serving customers in new ways. All of the restaurants that have suddenly switched their models to become take-out and delivery only: YOU are the real heroes.

Let’s face it, if my family and I had to survive on my cooking alone, we’d be praying to be taken out by the ‘rona.

In all seriousness though, many small local businesses have really impressed me lately with their resiliency, great attitudes and how they have changed in order to serve their customers. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Buckeye Candy Company has become the first local candy shop I’ve ever heard of to offer not only curbside pick-up service but also delivery. If you need sweets for a birthday party, graduation celebration, end of school gift or just because candy is awesome, then you need to check out their awesome selection and stellar customer service. I was a fan before this Corona lockdown, but the way they quickly shifted their business to online, take-out and delivery – and the way they got to know my preferences and treat me like a VIP – has made me a customer for life.
  • Coach ID (Idawari Fubara) created his own youth basketball training program after working at i9 Sports for a time and wanting to give more personalized services. We were blessed to have Coach ID as Z’s basketball coach her first season with i9 when she was a true rookie, and I credit him with giving her a love of the game! ID is a gifted coach and teacher to the kids – and when the lockdown hit, he shifted his business model to provide online basketball drills and skills training along with body conditioning. His services, for the time being, are provided on a donation/pay what you can basis. Check him out if you have a kiddo with an interest in basketball!
  • Food trucks have figured out that if people aren’t coming downtown to work these days, they need to seek out customers where they live: in the suburbs. This is so smart and, selfishly, I’m just so delighted that some of my favorite food trucks have been coming all the way up to Lewis Center. Go where your customers are – it’s simple and it’s genius. And yummy!
  • Pony parties are super fun when the ponies and all your friends show up at your house, but during a quarantine, that’s not allowed. So I love that Pony Party Express invited us go to them instead for a socially distanced, quarantine-friendly pony party that made my 50th birthday a celebration for the ages.
  • And speaking of parties, another small business rocking these crazy times is Perfect Events Ohio. You may remember them as the creators of my daughter’s picture-perfect Dreamland slumber party last year. Clearly, group sleepovers can’t happen right now due to social distancing – so Larissa has evolved and innovated, creating adorable, outdoor garden parties for families and small groups of friends. I just love this idea, especially for graduating seniors who are missing out on so much.

So there you have it – five small local businesses or types of businesses who have figured out how to make the most of these Corona-crazed, mask-wearing, hand washing, socially distant, hyper-sanitized and locked-down times. Pretty cool, right?

If you know of other small local businesses who are doing great things, let me know in the comments below or over on Facebook. I love to support the small but mighty local biz crew whenever possible.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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