The food trucks are here

I love truly great food, and I strongly dislike mediocre and bad food.

This is why I adore street food and food trucks – because you are almost guaranteed to get truly fabulous food.

Especially in Columbus where the food truck market is so crowded, these chefs typically figure out what they do best and then serve only that.

Pro tip for food truck newbies: the best ones have a small menu of just the things they are truly best at. Don’t expect a food truck to have a restaurant-size menu!

Anyway, one great thing coming out of all this Coronavirus craziness is that food trucks, once solely the purview of downtown office-goers, have come to the suburbs. That’s right, at this exact moment there is likely a food truck within a short drive or even bicycling distance of your house.

Z and I have been riding to food trucks here in Lewis Center for several weeks now, and I’m truly sorry it took me this long to share the good news with the rest of you. In case you’re wondering, the average bike basket is the perfect size for a bag of food truck meals for a family of three.

So, how do you find out about all this local street food goodness? Easy – go to and/or download the app by the same name. Look up your neighborhood and with any luck, the trucks are already coming right to you.

Worst case scenario, you may have to get in the car and pop over to a neighborhood near you – but trust me, if the food trucks are coming all the way up to the LC, then I’m sure they’re in your suburb, too.

How great is this news? One of my favorite things about working downtown was hitting up the Columbus Commons food truck food court every Thursday. I definitely don’t miss my long commute downtown every day – and now I don’t have to miss the food trucks either, because they’re coming right to us.

In case you’re new to the Columbus food truck scene, there are a few ways to find out which are the best ones. You can check out my personal favorite food trucks – or here’s another good list. It’s always fun to try new-to-you food trucks – last week, Z and I checked out the Taquitos truck in our neighborhood and it was terrific.

Have you noticed food trucks coming to your neighborhood or close to it, and have you tried any good ones lately? I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments below or over on Facebook. And if you’re a food AND movie lover like me, be sure to check out the 2014 film Chef as it tells a great food truck story and has a terrific cast.

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