Five days of gratitude: day five

Day five of five days of gratitude! Some may have wondered why I haven’t been grateful for my darling husband yet this week… well, that’s because I’ve been saving the best for last. In honor of his birthday weekend, here are three reasons I’m grateful every day for the man, the myth, my E!

1. I’m grateful for the things we share in common, like our love for each other and Zoe, our love for our home and neighborhood, our mutual strong commitment to getting back to a life focused around fitness and health, our love of gangsta rap and hip hop music, our love of going cruising (just driving for the pleasure of it – no destination in mind), our love of good food, our love of nature and animals and hikes and being outdoors, our love of inappropriate humor.

2. I’m grateful for our differences. E is all about work (the ant) and I am all about play (the grasshopper) – he hates to travel and I live for it – he’s a night owl and I’m a morning person. But all in all, we balance each other out pretty nicely! We definitely bring out the best in each other. E has made me a better person and gotten me to buckle down and appreciate working hard on weekends and the beauty of staying home instead of always being out and about. And I like to think I’ve gotten him to relax and enjoy life and play a little more than he ever would on his own! Balance is good.

3. I’m grateful for all the little things that make up a wonderful life together, all the new adventures that come from parenting together, and most of all I’m grateful that not only do I have the best hubby ever… Zoe has the most amazing, loving, strong, trustworthy, dependable, fun and devoted daddy ever. And I’m grateful that even after all these years, he can still make my heart turn over and give me butterflies just by leaving me a voicemail message, writing me a little note or giving me *that* look. I love you with all of my heart, Montecore!!!!

And now, I think I was supposed to tag a few others to do the five days of gratitude thing, but I’ll refrain. If you enjoyed reading mine, share some of your own in the comments below – I’d love to read them! Thanks again to my cousin Jo, on the other side of the planet, for tagging me. This was fun.

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