My focus word for 2023 is CALM

I like to come up with one word to serve as my mantra during each new year.

I’ve been picking a word of the year for a few years – although the last few years were so crazy, I’m not sure that one word alone really helped much!

I find that having a word of the year can be a way to stay focused on goals or be intentional about how we spend our time.

It took me a while to develop my focus word for 2023, but I finally have it: CALM.

Thus far, we’ve found the middle school years quite chaotic. There constantly seem to be stressors, triggers and drama swirling around and wreaking havoc on our little family’s emotional well-being.

From issues with peers, to academic pressures, to (gasp) dating woes… these middle-school years are a lot.

That’s why I’ve decided to be the calm in the storm. For both my own sanity and my family’s mental health, my 2023 focus will be to remain a calm and loving presence no matter what comes my way.

Will I later freak out privately in my journal, vent to process things with my bestie or therapist, and/or do some primal screaming and howling while walking the dogs? That is quite likely.

But to my family, I’ll present a calm and loving demeanor no matter what. It’s just one of the ways I’ll love them and help them stay emotionally regulated this year.

It’s not always easy being the one in the family to stay calm. It will take mindfulness, some deep breathing and meditation practice, and a lot of mentally counting to ten before responding or reacting.

Let’s be real: moms get triggered, too! I find that holding or wearing my favorite calming crystals can help.

I just know how important it is for me to stay calm. It’s one important way I can serve my family and help them to be their very best. And staying calm hasn’t always been my strong suit, so it’s something I really want to work on this year.

Have you picked your focus word for the new year yet? If not, there’s actually a humorous Word of the Year generator that can give you a helping hand.

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