Energy work is basically soul work

I’m thrilled to share with you this third installment in my energy work series with Paula Jurko from Footprints to Wellness. This has been one of my most successful partnerships in the history of this blog – I truly hope it has helped you in some way. I’ve been so fortunate to work with Paula over the past month to experience first Reiki, then Reflexology and now a third service which may have been my favorite of all: Access Bars.

But before I dive into Access Bars and why I think it’s so awesome, I want to say a few words about energy healing work in general. I went into these experiences with an extremely open, positive mindset. I wanted to believe that these modalities would be healing and beneficial to me, and they most definitely have been. But if someone goes into the same experiences with a closed mind assuming it’s all a scam, would they have the same experience? Most likely not. We have to be open to receive.

The more I think about energy work, the more I realize why I love it so much: energy work is just another word for soul work. 

How many of us actually pay attention to our souls and regularly work on or care for them? I see now that energy work, or soul work, is another essential part of self-care. We can’t just care for our bodies and minds through things like getting enough exercise, sleep, healthy nutrition, drinking water and companionship. We also have to nurture and cherish the most important part of our selves – our energy, spirit or soul.

I first got this realization while E and I were having a serious conversation with Z about what happens when we die. First, E explained that in the Christian religion, tradition holds that our soul leaves our body and goes to heaven to be with God. She instantly shut that down as being a made up story. Z has an extremely scientific and analytical mind; this girl needs facts and evidence.

I then explained that another way to look at that same idea is to think of our essence or soul as energy, and so when we die, our energy dissipates from our body but doesn’t disappear. Rather, it becomes one with and part of the overall energy of the universe. That seemed to resonate with her – and this is the version that feels truest to me, personally, as well.

So if energy is another word for our souls, then it makes sense that the energy work I did with Paula during this blog series was utterly soul-enriching and why I feel so incredible anytime I see her and have work done by her. It always feels good to take care of your soul!

About Access Bars

My Access Bars experience was a perfect ending to this energy work series because it made me feel even more glorious than my Reiki and Reflexology session with Paula. This time I dropped into such a relaxed state that I literally snorted and snored on the table. Paula laughingly told me that it’s a common response during her Access Bars sessions!

During this service, you lie on a heated massage table covered in a warm, snuggly blanket. Then Paula holds your head in her hands and, over the course of about an hour, lightly touches 32 different “bars” or access points on your head.

It felt almost like Reiki for the brain – when your 32 bars are touched lightly, it “unlocks” your mind or energy. It feels great – lots of warm fuzzies! The process is known as having your bars run. I was imagining my head as a round piano, with Paula tickling the ivories and making beautiful music.

I don’t know that I have ever felt SO relaxed and amazing in my life. Paula joked that even if someone doesn’t believe and just comes in for “the best nap of their life” – it’s all good. They still get the benefit.

I honestly felt so refreshed and rested after my bars session – peaceful in my body, mind and soul. It was like getting the results of a week-long meditation session or beach vacation in just one sitting! And I cannot wait to go back and have my bars run again. If one time was this great, how will the cumulative effect of several sessions feel?

If this energy work series has taught me anything, it’s that having an open mind and seeking new experiences are great ways to feel even better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I didn’t go into this with anything in particular to fix or heal – I just wanted to have some enlightening experiences, learn things about myself that I don’t already know and nourish my soul. I’m happy to report it was a huge success!

In conclusion, I highly recommend that you see Paula at Footprints to Wellness for an energy healing service soon. If you are open to full body Reiki, it’s amazing. If you are up for Reflexology and don’t mind having your feet messed with, it’s fantastic. And if you find yourself up in your head a lot and would like some of those knots worked out and feel blissfully peaceful and serene, try Access Bars!

I loved them all but Access Bars was probably my favorite; I can’t wait to do it again. And, best of all, Paula has generously offered $20 off to new clients who mention Lewis Center Mom when booking an Access Bars appointment!

Have you experienced Access Bars and do you love having your bars run, too? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below or over on Facebook.


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