Behind the scenes bloopers at blogger events

When Z was small and I would attend blogger events with her, once in a while embarrassing things happened. Let’s call this blog post her blooper reel; I only wish I had video to go with it.

For the record, I didn’t mention these incidents in my posts about the events themselves because sometimes a funny anecdote doesn’t fit with the overall story or message I’m trying to convey.

These memories ARE pretty cute, though… and I want future Zoe to know what a little handful she was at times!

For example, once at the Star Lanes grand opening blogger dinner, we were all sitting around at the rather elegant The Point Bar & Grill restaurant, ordering meals.

The kids (thank God it wasn’t just mine!) were grooving to the always-on dance music and had basically created an impromptu kiddie dance floor behind our tables. It was adorable and there were some great moves escalating into a full-on dance party.

But then, I was mid-conversation with Valerie and Mona from Social Moms Around Columbus when they both started chuckling and indicated that I should look behind me (I had my back to the dancing kidlets). I turned around just in time to see my then four-year-old mini-me in all her glory, twerking.

Yes, to her it was just an innocent thing – she bent over, put her hands on the nice smooth wooden floor, and bounced her tush to the music. But it was right after Miley’s abomination of a performance at the VMAs, so it couldn’t have been more timely… and we all just cracked up. I swore to my blogger friends that Zoe has NEVER seen Miley, or anyone for that matter, twerk! OMG… so hilarious, cute and yes, embarrassing.

Another time, I was at a Mom-Made Foods blogger luncheon at a local agency. Anytime an event takes place at a corporate office, I would always think twice about bringing my little one along, but it happened to fall on my day off with her. Also, this is a mom blog, after all – and the thing about moms is that we tend to have kids.

I had checked with the agency first, of course, and they said it would be fine to bring the kiddo, who was about four or five. We arrived at the office, after I prepped Z all the way there with “let’s be on our absolute best behavior, listen to the grown-ups and just play quietly, okay?”

And then… well, let’s just say it started out fine, but then the luncheon ran long and she began to act her age. It wasn’t horrible, but she was a bit of a distraction – not just for the group in our conference room, but also for the other folks at the agency as she ran amok through their shop, chasing dogs and pilfering candy and collecting toys from as many desks as she could. Oy!

My only consolation is that we all were there to talk about moms and kids and how hard it is to find and make (and have kids choose) healthy food choices – so really, Zoe was just walking the talk in her own way. Is it worth nothing I was never invited back there?!

Fortunately, now that I have a big, beautiful 10 year old, her behavior is usually stellar. At the recent VIP event for the launch of Easton’s Dreamscape VR experience, Z was a perfect little lady. She enjoyed herself, was gracious getting food and drinks, and profusely thanked everyone who stopped us to ask about our experience.

Perhaps my days of having kiddo bloopers and blunders at blogger events are over? I think they might be. And you know what… I actually kind of miss them.

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