I really love this hybrid life

Do you get a feeling of dread or case of the “Sunday scaries” at the thought of the school and work grind beginning again on Monday mornings?

If you do, you’re not alone. In years past, I groaned right along with the rest of the world at the thought of going back to work and school routines after a weekend off.

But not this year. My new life and schedule as a solopreneur are so amazing that I almost want to pinch myself. Some days lately I feel like I’m living in a dream because I have so little stress compared to what I had grown used to.

This new hybrid life – part-time homeschooling plus part-time work – is my favorite chapter yet. I guess I have Coronavirus to thank for that.

I no longer feel torn between work and parenting on a daily basis. I’m not saying tough choices never have to be made – but far less frequently these days.

I also feel like I’m managing better on the homefront. I’m by no means perfect, but I get my end of the household chores done, laundry is continually in progress so it doesn’t pile up too much, and I even get outside to walk the dog now and then.

The last time I blogged about having a hybrid life was when I was working part-time after having Z. Alas, while I thought it was working fairly well back then, I found out in a subsequent performance review that it wasn’t working for my employer.

Not long after, I left that firm in search of greener pastures – but it took years and me leaving the 9 to 5 world to actually find one.

It can be incredibly difficult to find a part-time role in one’s chosen career, yet for family-oriented people that is absolutely what works best.

In this season of my career and life, I have discovered the best possible scenario for me, which is not just a part-time job but also working for myself. I can set my hours, say no to projects that would be too all-consuming and, best of all, work flexible hours so that I’m available when Z needs me most.

I absolutely love these hybrid days, weeks and months – this hybrid life. We ultimately end up with more quality time together as a family.

Thanks to starting my own business and the global pandemic, our family has been able to stitch and patch together the best of moments, memories, friendships, work, learning, listening, talking and growing.

We look forward to adding back in hugs with friends, time with extended family and, of course, travel when we can – hopefully early in 2021! But in the meantime, I’m so thankful that this new hybrid, work-and-school-from-home lifestyle is working as well as it is for our little family of three.

Are you one of the lucky families for whom Corona-schooling is working out okay, too? I’d love to hear your take on things in the comments below or over on Facebook.

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