The value of a sacrifice to the gods

This is a story about a modern-day sacrifice to the gods.

One spring, many years ago when we still lived in Dayton, E was interviewing for a big job he really wanted. I had been hoping, praying and vibe-ing for him to get it, and his interviews were going well.

I was reading the Harry Potter books at the time and longing to be full of magic and not just a measly muggle. So one night, before his big final interview, I concocted a special, magical ritual to help E manifest his dream job. 

It was never my intention to mock anyone’s religious or cultural beliefs. I know nothing about actual sacrifices, so this was a completely made-up thing on my part. I know it might sound silly but to me, it was serious and meaningful, while at the same time very fun. 

I told E that I wanted to do a ritual and make a sacrificial offering to the gods so that they would smile on him and he’d get this job he really wants. I don’t know a thing about magic or Pagan rituals or sacrifices other than the very limited, very wonderful exposure I have had through a few dear friends. 

So I guess what I did that night was a combination of ideas I had in my head from things I’ve read, plus a mix of my own beliefs and faith, odd and eccentric though it may be. 

The result was a very successful ritualistic offering that left both E and I feeling positive and wonderful about his interview – and he did ultimately end up getting and taking that dream job!

What we did that night was sweet and mysterious. Here’s where I’m afraid it might sound absolutely idiotic and goofy to others. But you’ll have to believe that my heart was sincere because it is and was.

I wanted to make a sacrifice of something precious and dear; something I truly love. The gods want the good stuff, after all – they don’t want something crappy. Where’s the value in that? 

I had been hoarding the last Cadbury Creme Eggs of the season in various treasure trove hiding places around our house. I had two left, and normally I would keep them as long as possible, taking them out and admiring them and petting them and calling them “my preciousssss” until I lost control and ate one. Then, the process would continue with the final one, until it too was devoured. 

But for this special ritual, I decided that we would eat one of the eggs and consecrate the other one to the gods as a sacrificial offering. 

Traditional sacrifices were done through fire and burning. For ours, I had the idea that Eric could drive over the egg instead. Then, he came up with the idea of not just driving over it, but doing a massive peel-out on the egg in his Corvette. He had just put in a kickass new souped-up hotrod engine and he was excited to put it to the test. It felt perfect! 

So, we drove around that night in El Tigre, E’s 1974 Corvette in the classic shark body style, absolutely spotless white and gorgeous. The new engine he put in it has really made this little car come alive – you should hear her ROARRRRRRR!  It’s even more fun cruising around in her now, and E is like a little kid the way he loves to give it gas and thrash me about the cabin.

We drove up north and found a lovely country road, fairly isolated with just a few Canada geese in sight. I had eaten the second to last Cadbury Creme Egg on our drive. I offered E half, but he said with a serious and loving look, “No, you eat it, you need it more than I do.”  So I did, with reverence, joy and much licking of fingers.

Now, there was one final Cadbury Creme Egg left – the last one until next Easter. I held it in my hands, offered it skyward and said a few words to consecrate it. We both kissed the foil-wrapped egg and then I placed it exactly where E told me to – about six inches in front of El Tigre’s right rear wheel. 

I got back in and buckled up, and then E gave it everything he had. El Tigre’s engine roared, her wheels spun and screeched, and we jolted forward!  When the smoke cleared, both of us giggling in excitement, we got out to look at the remains of our sacrifice…

…and there was NOTHING left of the Cadbury Creme Egg. There wasn’t even a smear of cream on the road! It had been obliterated – taken by the gods as a pleasing and acceptable sacrifice. There was not a trace of foil or chocolate to be found on the tire or road – just one tiny speck of foil on the back mudflap, and the lovely sweet smell of scorched chocolate in the air. 

It was definitely a successful ritual – we were both so pleased. Neither of us had known what to expect, but the way the egg simply vanished definitely made it feel spiritual, mystical and powerful. 

We combined something I love (Cadbury Creme Eggs and ritual) with something E loves (his hotrod and the job he was going for) and we had a really great experience together. 

I was afraid he was humoring me at first, but he went along with it and had a reverent attitude and was as delighted as I was with the outcome.  So, all in all, I’d say it was a success.

But the best success of all came a week or so later when he got his dream job – due mainly to his own amazing talents and experience, with hopefully with a little added boost from our ritual.

We haven’t made a sacrifice like this since. I think it might be a fun thing to do with Journey sometime!

Have you ever tried to sacrifice something to the gods, and did it work? I’d love to hear your ritual stories in the comments below or over on Instagram or Facebook.

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