My crystal obsession continues in 2024

I haven’t written about crystals in a while.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, collecting crystals was a favorite hobby at our house. Z and I loved visiting crystal shops, searching for the ultimate crystal treasure and rearranging our collections at home.

You might have thought I moved on to something else this past year but no, crystals and rocks are still my current favorite thing to collect and admire.

For me, crystals are part magic, part natural wonder and part self-care.

I have them surrounding me in my home office where I write and work. A few select crystals have spread to other areas in our house, including the bedrooms and our family room. And everyone in our family got a crystal or two, in one form or another, for Christmas.

I will say I’ve become more discriminating and refined in my own collection, however. I don’t just pick up any rock that looks pretty anymore. Now, it’s got to be a rock, gem carving or specimen that truly speaks to me and adds something unique to my crystal cave (aka my home office).

Here are a few of my favorite crystal babies that have been bringing me joy lately.

  • My natural Ethiopian opal pendant from Starborn Creations via Big Heart Rising – yes, I still pop into these fun Instagram live sales and admire the gorgeous crystals and rocks on display. Once in a while, I see one that I just have to have! This necklace is a case in point. I’ve always loved opals and this one spoke to me. I’ve worn it daily since receiving it and absolutely love it! Ethiopian opal is believed to be an emotional booster and reflects the mood of the wearer. It intensifies emotions and releases inhibitions.
  • My Skullis carved pearl skull – I have several beautifully carved crystal and gemstone skulls that I have acquired over the years. This delicately carved, miniature pearl skull – just .7 of an inch long – is one of my favorites. Skullis is one of the top experts worldwide in carving crystal skulls and there’s just something so beautiful and sacred about this tiny pearlescent skull. I have many crystal skulls but she’s the tiniest and I just love her. Pearls have long been associated with the moon, tears and water. They also symbolize purity, fertility and the cycles of life.

  • My druzy agate carved goddess also from my friends at Big Heart Rising – I have a few crystal goddess carvings in varying sizes and materials. My favorite by far is my druzy agate goddess with a natural pocket of druzy resembling a scar across her entire abdomen. For obvious reasons, this crystal statue has always symbolized my c-section and motherhood itself. Druzy agate is primarily associated with peace, love, intuition, stress relief and a stronger sense of self-worth and inner strength. It is a stone that brings balance and soothing. I love all of these qualities when thinking about the unexpected, major abdominal surgery that ultimately ended with us being face-to-face with our precious baby girl all those years ago!
  • My fluorite cup head creatures – I’ve collected two cup head carvings and I love them both, but my fluorite one is the largest and also my favorite. Fluorite is one of my all-time favorite crystals and I love to have it around me, both because of its gorgeous colors and because of the calming and clarity properties it bestows. There’s no special significance to the cup head figure itself – I just think it’s super cute that I can use these crystals to hold other crystals. Crystals on crystals, that’s how we roll around here! I got one of my cup heads from the lovely @PlumeriaBKK and found the other on Etsy. Cup heads seem to be pretty rare – I’ve only seen them in a few places.
  • My garden quartz sphere – I have a few crystal spheres I’m fond of but my garden quartz orb is on another level. I saw it on an Instagram live sale and knew immediately that I had to have it. It resembles a planet or a small gazing ball with an entire magical universe inside it. For me, it represents nature and alchemy. I love the way the colorful, varied minerals grew or formed inside the clear quartz, providing a window into another world. I hold it for meditation, to calm myself or when I need a tiny dose of nature and the natural world right in the palm of my hand.

Turns out, I like writing about crystals as much as admiring and holding them! Is there anything you’d like me to write about in 2024? Please let me know in the comments below – I’m always looking for ideas.

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