Every girl deserves a professional bra fitting at Nordstrom

You’ve heard of body dysmorphia, where you can’t quite see your body for what it actually is?

Well, I’ve discovered there’s also body dysmorphia by proxy, where a mom can’t quite see her tween or teen daughter’s body for what it actually is.

This happened to me recently while bra shopping for Z. I was in complete denial and kept telling the poor kiddo that she was buying the wrong size.

She was adamant she was right; I was convinced she was wrong. This went on for a while – it was not my proudest parenting moment, believe me.

Finally, we went to Nordstrom at Easton Town Center to let the experts sort us out.

There’s no better place than Nordie’s for a professional bra fitting, dahling. And wouldn’t you know it, once their professional bra fitter took Z’s measurements and she tried on a few bras, we learned Z had been right about the sizing all along.

The fact is, it can be super hard to estimate or judge one’s own bra size, let alone guess at someone else’s.

This is why I’m a passionate believer that every mom should take her tween or teen daughter to Nordstrom for a professional bra fitting!

Let’s face it, shopping at Nordstrom is a special experience. It’s super fun to make a whole event out of it – including lunch at the lovely Nordstrom’s Cafe Bistro – and treat your girl to her first special, fancy (and naturally, pricey) bra.

I know that neither Z nor I will forget our experience having her first professional bra fitting session at Nordstrom; she’ll treasure her fancy new Natori bra for years to come. The pros at Nordstrom know exactly how to make a girl feel great, whatever her age.

I can still remember going into Nordstrom for a bra fitting for myself, way back when little Z was finally starting to wean.

“Can you help this new mama get her bra groove back?” I begged, while wearing a super schlubby nursing bra, and they definitely did just that.

I went in wearing entirely the wrong size, but I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks that day. Side note: it’s truly amazing how much one’s breasts can change as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding!

Nordie’s got me back on track all those years ago, and now, they’ve done the same for my sweet girl as she deals with her own budding stage of life and lots of physical changes.

I’m so glad I finally butted out of her business and took her to the pros at Nordstrom instead.

If you’ve never experienced a bra fitting at Nordie’s, they are utterly fabulous and free (unless you end up buying one of their lovely, high quality and yes, pricey bras!). If you’re currently not happy with how your bras are fitting or looking, then it’s high time you treated yourself to this experience, too.

And be sure to tell me all about it if you do!

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