I lost a gemstone but my cat found it

I was a lucky girl at Christmas this year.

Hubby surprised me with a gorgeous bracelet with three zultanite gemstones – something I had been wishing and hoping for since I fell in love with this particular stone on a cruise several years ago.

If you’re not familiar with it, zultanite is a magical, color-changing gemstone that is also known as Turkish diaspore.

Zultanite can look completely different in varying light sources, turning from brown to green to red and many shades in between. I’m obsessed with it!

I wore my new bracelet with pride all day on Christmas and the next day.

On the third day, I was wearing it again when I looked down in horror to discover one of the stones was missing. I was bereft!

I’m known for being hard on jewelry, but to lose one of my precious zultanite stones was heartbreaking. I retraced my steps throughout the house, getting down on my hands and knees to pore through the rug and reaching my hands down into coach crevices.

When I didn’t find it, I sat despondent on the couch. My gut told me that it would turn up – someone would step on it with bare feet, say “ouch!” and then we’d celebrate. But I knew that could take some time and that it might never happen at all.

I was feeling extremely sad as I put the bracelet – with its gaping hole where one precious zultanite stone had been – away in the box it came in. I went to bed that night hoping and wishing for a miracle.

The next morning, I had to get up early to take my parents back to the airport. Another sad occasion! I was getting ready in my room when I noticed our cat walk in. I greeted Galaxy, then continued getting dressed. When I turned around again to walk out of the room, there was my zultanite gemstone on the floor right where I had walked a moment ago!

The stone hadn’t been there minutes earlier – not until the cat came in. So I know that Galaxy must have found it and brought it to me. There’s no other way it could simply appear like magic right at my feet. It felt like a Christmas miracle.

I showed the stone to Galaxy and praised her, then ran out to show my mom and dad. I was elated! Galaxy followed me downstairs where I gave her so many treats that she couldn’t even eat them all. What a clever kitty she is!

Have you ever heard of a cat finding and bringing back a missing item? I know that she likes to carry little things around in her mouth, like hair ties, but I have never seen her actually bring something to a person. This was a first for us.

Now, thanks to Galaxy, one of my first errands of this new year will be finding a jeweler who can secure the zultanite gemstone back in my bracelet and make sure the other two stones are tightly fastened, too.

I can’t wait to wear my Christmas bracelet again – all thanks to our wonderful cat!

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