3 reasons I love being on the Yelp Elite Crew

I have another reason to be super excited about the new year.

I just found out that I’ll be part of the Columbus Yelp Elite Crew again for 2023. This will be my sixth year as a Yelp Elite.

This means that, even though our family isn’t going to do much travel this year, I still have plenty of adventures ahead of me with the Yelp Elite Crew.

I’ve written about my Yelp Elite experiences before. Being part of this local foodie community is something I truly enjoy – both a way to give back and a source of many fun adventures and free perks.

Here are my top three reasons for being a Yelp Elite:

  • Doing things solo. Long ago when I was a young person, I used to hate doing things alone. I would stay home rather than go to a restaurant or anywhere else alone. Then, in my 30s I discovered the joys of doing going out to eat and going to the movies alone. These days, as a mom, it’s pretty rare to get to do anything alone – so I love it when I can! Yelp is something just for me. Going to Yelp events is something I typically do solo and I find it very rewarding and empowering. Sometimes I end up meeting new people, and other times I just enjoy the experience on my own. Either way, I’m so glad to have the opportunities Yelp provides.
  • Being part of a community. Even though I enjoy doing things by myself once in a while, I also appreciate and value being part of a larger community. The Columbus Yelp community is a warm and welcoming one, with Yelpers often leaving positive comments or up-voting other Yelpers’ reviews. Any time I’ve had a “Review of the Day,” I always find out about it through receiving congratulations from other Yelpers. Both at in-person Yelp or Yelp Elite events, and on the app itself, I love the feeling of being part of both the Yelp community and the smaller, more exclusive Yelp Elite community.
  • Trying new foods, restaurants and local experiences. Okay, it goes without saying that the perks and experiences provided by Yelp and Yelp Elite are awesome. Visiting new restaurants, trying new foods or drinks… even learning new things by taking classes or listening to a presentation… all are wonderful experiences I would not have had without being part of the Yelp Elite crew! Since I’m someone who LOVES trying and experiencing new things, this community is such a great fit for me. I have found out about so many great new places through Yelp, and then I’m able to turn around and write about them on this blog. It’s a match made in heaven.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Yelp Elite – namely, a passion for experiencing all this great town has to offer and then sharing it with others – you can nominate yourself (or someone you know).

If you’re already a Yelp Elite, be sure to friend me up on Yelp or say hi at the next Yelp Elite event!

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