A big life change for the new year

I am making a big career change in 2024.

It will impact this blog and just about everything else in my life.

For the first time since 2020, I’m going back to working full-time; I’ll even be working a few days a week in an office downtown.

You see, back when Covid took over all our lives in 2020, I bumped down to part-time work.

In July of that year, I started my own business and kept it part-time to accommodate all the extra parenting that comes along with living in the end times.

A lot has happened since then. I’ve had a couple of robust years with my little business where I had all the work I wanted and even turned away projects. I’ve also had one very lean year, where I would have liked more client projects than I had.

I’ve loved working part-time and from home and wasn’t necessarily looking to return to a full-time gig. It has meant so much to our family to have me here and able to focus a lot of extra time on Z and our home.

But my literal dream job just appeared in front of me as if by magic. This has only happened once before in my career, back in 1997, and it was life-changing that time as well. Life has taught me that when your dream job comes along, you shouldn’t hesitate; you should go for it!

By “dream job” I mean something that fits both your professional skills and expertise AND your personal interests or passions. I mean a job so fulfilling and exciting that it hardly even seems like work. It feels like something you would do on your own time, simply because it’s exactly your jam. That’s a dream job – and I’ve now been lucky enough to land two of them!

And so, starting in 2024, I’ll be working full-time again – two days in an office, three days from home. I am excited about the change and I think it will be good for me. I will have a lot less free time so I’ll need to be intentional and mindful about how I spend it.

To that end, I’m going to drop down to just one new post here on the blog each week. Since 2020, I’ve been publishing posts here about 3-4 times per week but slowing the pace makes sense for now.

I’m also going to put writing for the Columbus Jewish News on hold. I’ve loved covering our city and serving the Jewish community, but now I need to focus on other things.

I’ll share more about my exciting new job in future posts. For now, just know that I’m still here – you just may not hear from me quite as often as you have.

And if you have any tips about going back to work full-time after being part-time for years, let me know! I’d love any advice you may have.

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