42 with a two year old

This is the second post in my Mommy Mythbusting series. Since it's my birthday today, the myth I'd like to bust today is the one about older moms being... well, you know. Old. I'm 42 with a two year old, and I'd be lying if I said that doesn't worry me sometimes. I'm not worried about being the oldest mom in Zoe's friend circle, because there are way more women having babies at 40 and up these days. Plus, for better or worse, I've never acted my age. I joke that Zoe has taken years off my … [Read more...]

Toddler birthday parties

At what age do you start doing something really fun and out there for your little one’s birthday celebration? Is two too young? We’re coming up fast on birthday number two and I am so ready to plan a dream birthday party for Zoe and her little friends. For Zoe’s first birthday, we had a family-only affair at home. It was awesome, but pretty low-key – a cute invitation, some decorations, presents and a cake. The highlight (aside from having family members there who had traveled a long … [Read more...]