Obsessed with nekkid ladies

Don't blink or you'll miss them. Right now all over Ohio, tall, slim, cotton-candy pink "naked ladies" are enjoying their week to ten days of glory.  You won't find these blooms at fancy nurseries or in the manicured, landscaped gardens around our neighborhood - but part of the fun is going for long drives in the country to spot them. You can most often see them growing near old farm houses and in the shade of dilapidated barns. I'm obsessed with these slender beauties and have been … [Read more...]

Have you hugged your farmers market today?

I just found out that this week (August 4-10, 2013) is National Farmers Market Week. I can't think of a better reason to get out and enjoy one of my favorite things to do in summer - visit a farmer's market! Columbus is an absolute mecca for farmers markets. I love how they are all spread out on different days so you really could visit a new one each day if you wanted to. The Columbus Dispatch has a fantastic, interactive online database that enables you to find a farmers market by name, … [Read more...]