Why do old(er) people love flowers so much?

I feel like I woke up recently and realized that all of a sudden I’m obsessed with flowers. This self awareness dawned on me slowly; I actually think it’s been happening for a while.

I remember as a kid, I wasn’t into flowers or plants at all. I would sort of groan in annoyance anytime someone called my attention to a pretty flower or garden. A trip to a sunflower field would not have interested me.

But now that I’m 50, I can’t deny it – I seriously love flowers. I’m fully a member of the flower appreciation society. I even love going to the nursery.

Is this something that happens to everyone when they get older?!

I remember my grandparents being all about their roses, snapdragons and other flowers. Their garden in England was an absolute dream, ringed with a brick retaining wall and complete with a pond, perfectly manicured hedges, roses galore and many more flowers that I can’t even name.

My mom, too, has been into flowers for as long as I can remember – but especially since her retirement in sunny Cali. Her rose garden overlooks the Pacific ocean and also features lemon and lime trees bursting with citrus. My father in law also prides himself on a lovely Florida garden with tons of flowers and fruit trees.

So is it true – the closer you get to punching your ticket, the more into flowers you become? It’s a gruesome reality, but I can’t deny that it’s happening to me.

I used to joke about being a serial plant killer, but now I’ve got literally dozens of house plants – many of them finicky succulents – and they’re all pretty darn healthy. My brother and his fam sent me an orchid for my birthday and I find myself gazing at its blooms for long periods of time. I named it Lady Gaga for those perfect, beautiful little monster faces!

I go into literal paroxysms of joy every time my beloved hibiscus tree, Biscuit, blossoms. I used to be similarly ecstatic whenever our pond lily bloomed. And forget about those rare, beautiful occasions when a succulent or cacti flowers; I pretty much lose my mind.

I’m already looking forward to August, when my nekkid ladies will bloom. I even enjoy crafting with flowers. I tried my hardest to stay young, I really did – just look at all the tattoos. And I’m certainly still young at heart! But nonetheless, this love of flowers has snuck up on me and found me.

Anyway, if you too have reached certain milestone birthdays and found yourself appreciating and celebrating flowers more than you used to, I’d love to hear from you so I know I’m not alone.

And if you’re a Millennial reading this and snorting laughter, thinking “that’ll never be me,” all I can say is… just you wait. I didn’t think I’d become a flower lover, either. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go attend to my hanging baskets.

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