Her first REAL summer

I have experienced daycare guilt - a particular brand of mom guilt found within the working mom guilt sub-category - every summer of Zoe's life. It's gotten worse each consecutive year. As her friends grew browner and more golden-tanned each month of summer, Z always stayed about the same thanks to being cooped up in daycare most of the week. Sure, we take a nice family vacation here or there, and I take a day off whenever possible to spend with her at the pool - but that never seemed like … [Read more...]

Thank heaven for cosleeping

Sometimes, being a working mom is so very hard. This morning when I dropped Zoe off for daycare, she cried. Not the big, loud, dramatic wails that say "I'm not getting my way right now and I don' t like it," but the truly heartbroken, silent tears of a little girl who simply did NOT want mommy to leave. It just about killed me walking out that door and leaving her. I know she's fine. I am thankful we have a great daycare. But oh, days like this are hard. To make matters worse, tonight … [Read more...]

I love being a working mom

I love being a working mama. There, I said it. I think too often we think and talk about how hard it is to be a working mom. We agonize over hours spent working for a living instead of playing with our kids. We torture ourselves over finding the perfect balance between work and home life. But do we ever actually talk about the good parts of being a working mom? I'm not talking about having more income, although that's nice too, especially when it comes to being able to travel together and … [Read more...]

A day in the hybrid life

There was a time not too many years ago when it could be said I was living la vida loca, but no longer. Now, if I had to sum up my days I'd say I'm living a hybrid life. I feel really lucky to be able to be a working mom with a great career and job I love, yet also have the luxury of an extra day each week to spend with Zoe. On Wednesdays, for all intents and purposes, I'm a stay at home mom. We take mommy and me classes, we go to the park and library story time, and we hang out with … [Read more...]

Nursing helps alleviate working mom guilt

My working mom guilt started even before I had Zoe. I was still pregnant when I began agonizing over how hard it would be to separate myself from the little life growing inside of me - to not just be in two different bodies after all this time together as one, but two different bodies in two different buildings with potentially miles between us. When I toured daycare centers early in my pregnancy, I  burst into tears while visiting each infant nursery (so embarrassing). Some of the babies … [Read more...]

Leaving is the hardest part

Leaving a baby for any length of time is never easy - but leaving an attachment-parented, breastfed baby is the worst. As a newborn, Zoe not only wanted and needed her mama at all times, she also wanted and needed her milk. And of course, she wanted and needed it 100% more once she realized mama's gone! Such situations can be incredibly stressful on both the departing mom and the suddenly needy babe - not to mention the loving caregiver left behind, in our case Zoe's awesome dad. The … [Read more...]