Storming the castle at COSI – and a giveaway

This past weekend, Zoe and I were invited to preview the LEGO Castle Adventure at COSI, the country’s #1 children’s science center. It was awesome – full of cool LEGO castles, a scary LEGO dungeon, a massive LEGO mama dragon guarding her baby, fun costumes to wear and of course lots of opportunities to build with LEGOs.

Zoe loved the exhibit and has wanted to build, build, build ever since. I liked that there were age-appropriate areas for the littlest LEGO builders (they get the biggest blocks), along with cool build areas for progressively older kids. Zoe has just reached the age where she knows not to put things in her mouth, so now she gets to play with the little LEGOs. In fact, she is obsessed with playing with tiny objects in general – the tinier, the better. We spent the better part of an hour last night organizing my button collection. Yes, buttons. She loves them!

But back to COSI. Awesome as it is, the LEGO Castle Adventure is not the only new thing going on there this fall. Little kidspace got a makeover, too – some very smart updates and a cool new entrance. There were some fun additions made to the older kids’ area within little kidspace. And, I had the sad realization that Zoe is outgrowing little kidspace as she can do everything in there now – there are few challenges or surprises left there for her. She can even play in the water area without getting totally soaked (okay, I’ll admit, that was a nice surprise).

After leaving little kidspace, we watched the basketball-playing rats, always a favorite, and were delighted that one of them is named Zoe. Then, we ventured out into the main area of COSI for the first time and Zoe got a taste of the main exhibits in the Ocean room, her new favorite place. She’s convinced that the giant Poseidon statue is actually Ariel’s daddy, King Triton –  and who am I to tell her otherwise?

The Giveaway

Now for the good stuff. The wonderful folks at COSI love to support local mom bloggers, which is awesome for me and it means you win, too. I am giving away not one but TWO family packs of free COSI admission tickets and free movie tickets (the Extreme Screen rocks)! For your chance to win, please do the following:

1.) Like COSI and Lara-Mom Blog on Facebook

2.) Follow @COSI and @LaraK  if you’re on Twitter

3.) Leave me a comment below letting me know you’ve done all that, and sharing either your favorite thing to do at COSI or your favorite blog post here on Lara-Mom.

Phew. Got all that? Thanks – winners to be announced this month! As always, I can’t wait to read your comments below. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Full disclosure: Zoe and I received a free one-day admission to COSI and COSI provided the giveaway passes. Because COSI is, you know, awesome.

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  1. Woot! Legos… We have entered Lego time in Wolfgang’s development and from the looks of Daddy that developmental level never ends. Kitty has yet to experience Lego love but alas a 7 month old who loves to taste it all must wait for the glory that is the tiny painful brick, lol:-) COSI is the bomb I went as a kiddo with the girl scouts. Wolf and daddy have gone but I have never gotten to go with them. This is a great giveaway!

  2. My daughter’s favorite COSI activity is the water table in Kidspace. We haven’t been down there much, but it might be a new favorite this Winter.

    Followed links, etc.

    1. Thanks, Rachel. We love the water area too! I love it especially now that she manages to not get her entire being, front and back, soaking wet. 😉

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