Frozen fun in Columbus

Zoe and I got to experience a taste of Arendelle this weekend without ever leaving central Ohio. Since Frozen still seems to be a huge hit with the little ones even after close to a year’s time, I figured I’d share our experiences here for your reading pleasure.

It all started with a party invitation. We’ve been invited to not one but three Frozen-themed birthday parties this year, and this Sunday’s fete in particular was quite the spectacular event. Hosted at the Glass Slipper in Powell, it was a Frozen-themed princess tea party that would feature a very special guest: Princess Anna of Arendelle herself. We were beyond excited, because Anna is Zoe’s favorite princess on two legs – second only to Ariel the Little Mermaid, of course.

As the days ticked by leading up to Zoe’s friend Maiya’s birthday party, I received a Macaroni Kid invitation to the grand opening party for Goldfish Swim School in Dublin. They would be hosting a parking lot party with games, food and fun for kids – plus a special appearance from none other than Queen Elsa! When I noticed it happened to fall on the same day as our Frozen party – and I knew that Zoe would already be dressing up as Anna to go to that party – I figured we just had to stop by and say hello.

Sunday morning came and I had the fun job of breaking the news to Zoe that after lunch, she would get dressed up in her Anna costume and we would head out to TWO parties – first to meet Queen Elsa, and then to see her friend Maiya and have tea with Princess Anna. You can probably imagine the reaction of a 4.5 year old upon hearing those plans for the day: she pretty much lost her little mind. She immediately put her Anna dress on and said “Okay, let’s go right now!” so I had to talk her down, convince her that it made more sense to save the dress for later, and figure out how to entertain her for several hours until it was time to leave.

After lunch, we set off for the parking lot party at the swim school. It was a very nice event put on by Macaroni Kid, with games, activities, freebies and you guessed it – a wonderful free photo opp with Queen Elsa. Zoe was absolutely starstruck. I am a little critical in that I expect Disney quality in any princess experience. The lovely Queen Elsa, who was invited to the event by Learning Express Toys, was tall and beautiful and definitely looked the part – but her costume was not quite up to Disney caliber so I was a teensy bit disappointed. Zoe, on the other hand, was completely smitten and could barely say a word to her! That’s always how I can tell if Zoe is blown away by a princess encounter – she clams up and can barely even smile for a photo! This was a super fun meeting and Elsa made a big deal out of Zoe being Princess Anna, her “little sister.” Zoe left feeling like a million bucks – the hallmark of any Disney princess meet and greet.

Happily, we hopped back in the car and headed up to Powell for our first-ever princess tea party at the Glass Slipper. What an amazing afternoon! The girls got to sit and color an Olaf page, then we learned about proper manners and etiquette while visiting the 103-year old building that houses the Glass Slipper. Then, the girls headed upstairs to the super-girly dressing room to choose and try on various dresses and accessories so they would be all fancy for their tea party with Princess Anna. Once dolled and gussied up to the nines, the little ones all sat on the carpet and listened to a Frozen story – when suddenly, up the stairs and around the corner came Princess Anna herself! She was charming, beautiful and this time the costume was GORGEOUS – truly Disney quality. I was blown away just as Zoe and all her little friends were!

Princess Anna sat down with the girls to listen to the rest of the story, then they all played a fun hide and seek game with Princess Anna. Then it was time for tea. We all traipsed back downstairs to the parlor and the girls arranged themselves back in their seats – and lucky Zoe got to sit RIGHT next to Princess Anna, with the birthday girl on Anna’s other side! Zoe got over her initial starstruck, shy state and was able to make conversation beautifully with Anna throughout the tea party. The girls and princess all enjoyed blue Arendelle tea (aka special lemonade), little cheese and meat finger sandwiches, and fresh fruit kebabs. The girls learned to keep their napkins in their laps, sip gently from the china tea cups, and to gracefully decline any food they don’t want with a “no thank you” or just allow the food to be put on their plate and then simply decline to eat it. You know, as opposed to the usual four year old behavior of “GROSS! I don’t want that! Get that off my plate right now!”

After the tea, the girls lined up to meet and talk with Anna individually and get their photos with her. Zoe had a wonderful time at the party and I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to get her to leave – but as it turns out, after Anna left, she was ready to go home too.

It was definitely a super fun party for the 4 and up crowd but I did feel bad for the boys present. It is definitely more fun for the girls – and although pirate hats and swords were provided for the gentlemen, there’s even a “Girls Only” sign upstairs in the dress-up room! Oops. Sorry about that, boys.

I asked Zoe if she’d like to have a princess party like that for her next party, or the usual crazy, running around, bouncy party that she’s been having for the past several years. She said she’d prefer the latter – but we’ll see if that changes between now and her birthday. I think it might. The princess shindig was pretty awesome, especially for the birthday girl who really does get treated like princess for the day.

What do you think – have you done a princess party like this one? Would you consider it for your little one? As always, I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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