5 things I’m excited about in 2017

I try not to do the stereotypical “New Year’s Resolution” thing, as so often those don’t go anywhere. Instead, I always end a year by reflecting back on the highs and lows, documenting the things I want to remember, and setting a few focus areas or intentions for the new year. So, without further ado, here are 5 things I’m excited about in 2017!

1. My job. Yes, as a working mom I have multiple jobs – but I don’t often talk about my 9 to 5 here. In fact, in some ways that job gets short shrift from me as I focus so hard on being a mom. Momming is where my predominant focus should be, I know – but in 2017 I want to start to right the balance just a bit back toward my paying gig. I have a GREAT job and career that I love – and I want to be sure I’m contributing all that I can and more to my firm and its leadership. In 2016, FH had our best year ever¬†and I look forward to saying that again at the end of 2017!

2. Love. Not to get all corny, but I am blessed beyond measure with my life partner, husband and sweetheart, E. He is everything I could have dreamed of both as a husband and as a father for our little girl. And together, we’re blessed with our brilliant, amazing ZB – who is growing up right in front of our eyes faster than we can even believe. So clearly, both my Loves will continue to be my #1 focus and priority in 2017, just as they always are! This year, I plan to love them both so they can feel it – focusing heavily on their respective love languages (I’m a big believer in this – check it out if you’re not familiar!) I’ve got something cool in the works for E already, and I’ll be working hard to keep this a focus all year long.

3. Friendships. I have few regrets about 2016 Рit was a great year personally in many ways Рbut not getting to spend enough quality time with my best friend, B, was definitely a low point. This year I plan to turn that around and create  opportunities for us to get together and truly be there for each other. I am also so thankful for the new friendships that 2016 brought into my life, and I plan to spend time cultivating and nourishing those as well. As Z gets older, I realize that for a long time after her birth, I had put friendship on the back burner. No longer РI know how important friendships with other women are, and I cherish the time I am able to spend with friends now.

4. Fitness. I’ve written about this a lot recently so I’m sure it’s no surprise. Rock N Shock Fitness is changing my life! It’s a huge deal for me and I want to spread the fitness love and energy to my family. I’m hoping the three of us (and our two dogs!) can take LOTS of family hikes in 2017 and do more bike riding than we did last year, too. I intend for us to turn to fitness instead of food when it’s time to celebrate, spend time together and do family dates. Come to think of it, I’d like to do this with my friends as well – tying my friendship and fitness goals together in 2017 would be amazing!

5. Being present – aka disconnecting. I’ve been reading so much about the importance of NOT multi-tasking. Of focusing. Of turning off the phone and computer and just BEING. I wrote about this recently on my work blog and it’s a serious personal and professional goal for me this year. I need to just do it!

and because I couldn’t stop at just 5…¬†

Bonus #6: Hobbies. For the longest time, as a working mom to a young child I felt like I had no time for hobbies! But now, I can honestly say that I am able to spend a little time on myself and my hobbies – and especially when those hobbies are all about celebrating our life and Z’s childhood. I’m talking about photography, which has always been a passion but took an even bigger role in my life last year with the photography classes E got me AND the amazing DSLR I got for Christmas. I’m also talking about scrapbooking, which is my #1 favorite thing to do with all the photos I take. As the official documentarian and historian of our family (and not just our little family of three but pretty much our extended families too!), it’s an honor and privilege to capture and share these beloved stories and memories. I’ll work hard to do an even better job in 2017 and continue to hone my craft.

There you have it – five, no SIX things I’m super excited about in 2017. I look forward to focusing more in these areas and writing about them here on the blog.

What are your goals, intentions or focus areas for 2017? I’d love to hear in the comments below or over on Facebook.


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