5 reasons why I still wear Lularoe in 2023

Do you remember back in 2016-17 when everyone went crazy over Lularoe leggings?

Yeah, me neither. It’s totally embarrassing to admit I ever wore those crazy prints and color combinations.

In my defense, I was parenting a young kiddo and we loved to match back then. Lularoe tops, dresses and leggings made that so easy and fun (see my recent Facebook post for proof).

It’s 2023 now, and my teenager wouldn’t dream of matching with me these days. Nor would I dream of putting on a pair of wildly patterned leggings.

But, I’m here to tell you that there are pieces from Lularoe that I still wear and love. And no, this is not an April fool’s joke!

Yes, I know the company’s multi-level marketing is problematic and many consultants have had issues. It’s worth noting there are also consultants who have done amazingly well and continue to thrive with the company. It’s honestly hard to find a major fashion player who doesn’t have issues (I’ve already written about Shein, another guilty pleasure).

Admittedly, I do find Lularoe pretty cringy, especially after watching the documentary, but what can I say? I love comfy clothes and I love to find great deals. I only buy discounted Lularoe, which is easy to find on eBay, Poshmark or from multi-consultant “party” websites.

Ready to hear the top 5 new pieces I’m wearing from Lularoe? Here we go.

  • Ariel tiered dress. Ever since my c-section all those years ago, I’ve been a big fan of babydoll styles as they are a flattering alternative to flaunting that mom pooch. The Ariel dress is cute, comfortable and has pockets. I own several and they’re a staple of my summer and vacation wardrobe – I wore my light green Ariel all over Kauai last summer. I wear a size XL in Ariel.
  • Erika swing top. I love this soft, flowy t-shirt so much. It has a nice high crew neck which works well to keep my chest tattoo out of the sun. It’s perfect with shorts or a skirt for summertime, or as a layering piece in cooler seasons. I wear a size XL in Erika.
  • Eliana tiered ruffle tank. This tank is super flattering, soft and comfortable, and adorable. Again with the babydoll ruffles/tiers – you’d think at my age I would have outgrown my love for this style, but I don’t know that I ever will. It’s perfect for summer or as a layering piece any time of year. I wear a size XL in Eliana.
  • Boyfriend denim jeans and shorts. I’ve already written about how much I love the Lularoe Denim skinny jeans, but I love their relaxed fit “Boyfriend” denim even more. Sometimes you want to pull on skinny jeans and flats so you can look all put-together and cute, but other times you just want to cozy up in a looser style of jeans with sneakers. These Boyfriend jeans are soft, stretchy and comfortable – which is basically my fashion mantra. The Boyfriend denim shorts are the same as the jeans only, you guessed it, shorts length. I adore them both! I wear a size 36 in the Lularoe Denim Boyfriend styles.
  • Elsa boxy turtle/cowlneck. This winter, I’ve been living in my super-soft Elsa cowl neck tops. It’s just a slight elevation from the usual sweatshirt. I’ll throw this on with jeans or joggers to be warm, cozy and comfortable all day yet still presentable on Zoom calls. I wear a size XL in Elsa but the 2XL is also cute if I want an oversized look.

There you have it! I don’t think any of these styles scream “Lularoe” and I’m not sure anyone would ever guess that’s who makes them. I wear other brands too, but I’m a sucker for the soft, comfortable and stretchy fabric that is Lularoe’s hallmark.

Are you still wearing Lularoe too? You can tell me – I won’t judge you.

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