Staying comfortable and cute in trying times

It’s been a while since I shared a new Friday Favorites post. Check out the whole series if you like this one.

All winter, I’ve been keeping a list of things that rock my world, and when I got to five I knew I needed to share them with you. You might see a trend here, but that’s because it’s not Spring yet and every part of me feels frozen and dry as a bone.

I need a tropical vacation, stat! Until we can go on one, here are some great ways to stay moisturized, cute and comfortable.

Dry hands? Believe it or not, I’m still a big fan of the old-school Satin Hands hand treatment set from Mary Kay. It truly works miracles for dry, winter-weary, sanitizer-chapped hands. I even give my car-guy hubby these special hand treatments once in a while, and he loves them. If you’re looking for something with just one step or that’s a little more contemporary, Z and I also love the Hemp Hand Protector from Body Shop. We use it most nights before bed.

Dry feet? You already know I love the ridonculous Baby Foot spa foot peel, but if you don’t want to go the extreme route, I’ve got another solution: lotion up your feet and then sleep in socks. I know what you’re thinking – you’ll get too hot if you sleep in socks, right? But that’s the crazy, life-changing part. Not only will your feet be super soft when you wake up, but you also will actually sleep cooler if you sleep in socks. There are other benefits, too – just read this and get back to me if you, ahem, have good results.

Dry, faded-looking tattoos? Even the most vibrant, full-color tattoos can start to appear faded or dull during a long, dry Ohio winter. That’s where Mad Rabbit tattoo balm comes in. We discovered this product last year and I’m a huge fan. I had hubby grease up my entire canvas prior to my boudoir shoot so the tattoos would glow! If you want your tattoos to look brand new again – without the pain of a touch-up by your artist – simply apply some Mad Rabbit balm and watch them come back to life.

Tired of bras? Yep, me too. There’s something about this work-from-home, always-comfortable pandemic lifestyle that makes me want to jettison the usual underwire suspects. I’ve never been a huge fan of bralettes (or maybe I just haven’t found the perfect one), but this year I experimented with the Nuudii un-bra and fell in love. Nuudii is super comfortable, fun, versatile and unique. I wasn’t sure it would end up working for me – it’s kind of like wearing pantyhose on your boobs – but strangely, I’m hooked. I would wear it every day if I could. Give Nuudii a try if you’re over traditional bras!

Sick of puny lashes? I have read so many articles about magnetic lashes but I still couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on a pricy pair. That’s when I read this round-up of the best brands and Z and I finally tried the Eylure ProMagnetic lashes and liner system for under $12. We are HOOKED, friends. The magnetic liner goes on great – especially if you have Z do it for you. And the lashes fit right onto the magnetic liner strip with no muss or fuss. They feel the same as regular lashes but without the annoying glue. If you like to get extra glam once in a while, you need to try these.

I hope you liked my latest product reviews in this Friday Favorites post. Be sure to check out the others in the series – and happy Friday!

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