The saddest little lad in the world

What follows is an original work of fiction I wrote recently with Xage’s help. I’m hoping to publish it as a children’s book about depression. I’m also counting on Xage to do the illustrations! For now, here’s the story.

There once was a sad little lad.

His name was Xero – which sounds like Zero. But he wasn’t a zero. He was a hero!

Xero had super powers. He was a friend to all. He was kind, thoughtful and generous. He was super sensitive, creative, fun and funny!

Everyone loved Xero: animals, people and most of all his family and friends. But Xero couldn’t see that love. He just felt sad.

Xero felt so sad that he felt he couldn’t go on. He felt not just his own sadness, but ALL of the sadness. He felt so sad that he could die.

And then he felt bad for being sad – because after all, he had a mom and dad who LOVED him as big as the sky.

And he didn’t want to make them sad, but he couldn’t help it.

The little lad was just too sad. He felt like the saddest lad in all the world.

Xero tried to wish his sadness away… but it just got bigger.

Xero’s mom tried to blast the sadness away with lots of fun, happy activities! But Xero still felt sad.

Xero’s dad tried to sweeten all that sadness with donuts! But Xero still felt sad.

Xero’s doctors prescribed medicines, talk therapy and even some time in the hospital. But… you guessed it. Xero only felt sadder.

Until one day, Xero decided to sit with his sadness. Xero sat and sat and sat with sadness.

At first, Xero just looked at the sadness. He didn’t judge it or wish it away or try to change it. He just accepted his sadness. And you know what? That felt a tiny bit better.

The more Xero accepted and respected his sadness – the more he listened and held space for his sadness – the more he validated his sadness and talked to it, saying “I see you, sadness. You’re a part of me. It’s okay,” the less Xero felt sad.

Somehow, it opened up room for Xero to feel okay sometimes.

Was Xero still sad? Yep, he was – but now he knew it was okay. The sadness was part of him – and would always be a part of him – but it was not ALL of him.

And Xero’s sadness helped him to see another of his super powers: he could always see the sadness in others.

By seeing their sadness, Xero was able to help soooooo many animals, children and even adults. And helping other people made Xero feel best of all.


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