I found the perfect friend date: the Viral Selfie Museum

I’ve found the perfect activity for your next girls night out or best friend date – and it’s something really different!

Just before 2021 came to an end, Xage and I spent a very fun hour at the Viral Selfie Museum at Polaris Fashion Place. Our pictures speak for themselves – they are so cute.

Our time at the interactive, immersive museum went by so quickly as we goofed and played around, having fun and taking photos in all of the various colorful rooms and sets. It was super fun to do with my kiddo, but I kept thinking it would be even more fun to go with friends my age.

Heck, selfies are great and all, but it would be awesome to bring a professional photographer here and really go to town!

I asked Xage to take a few photos of me, but they just weren’t into it. In fact, they actually handed my camera back to me each time with a smirk on their face because they knew they had just cut my head off in at least one picture! Xage can take great photos when they want to – or when I outright bribe them – but this just wasn’t the day.

I think that’s when I realized that it would be more fun to come with someone you know will actually take a good shot of you. Like your best girl friends!

The best shots I got at the museum are ones where I used their phone holder and my iPhone’s timer, plus the selfie ring to get good lighting.

The different themed rooms and sets are so fun. We barely even used half of them – there are so many! Our favorites were the giant ball pit (big enough for several adults to lie down and get covered with rainbow-hued balls), the silver disco ball room and the pink angel wings.

I also really loved the rainbow couch and floral arches room at the very back. Xage took photos in several other rooms, including the diner set-up and rock n roll piano room.

The Viral Selfie Museum closes for private parties and would be a really fun location for a tween or teen birthday party. Or heck, my next birthday party.

I think it could also be fun to take family portraits here – you know, dress up in coordinating outfits and then pick a themed room that best fits your family’s personality. Hello, unique Christmas card photo!

The staffer working when we went was happy to take our photo, but she was not a terribly great photographer so we were better off using the phone holder and timer method. She did tell us they have plans to change out and add new rooms often, so that makes me want to check back next time we’re at the mall.

If you and your friends love snapping selfies and posing in cute scenery and sets, then you will absolutely adore the Viral Selfie Museum like I did.

In the words of the museum’s website,

#Viral Columbus is Columbus’ first interactive art gallery or “selfie museum” with 19+ installations of totally awesome insta-worthy booths. An immersive pool of bright colors, props, and optical illusions make this more than just a museum but a fun experience for all age ranges! We pride ourselves on our unique handmade exhibits and know that everyone who visits #Viral Columbus will find a work of art that connects with them.

I should add that they have two locations: the Polaris Fashion Place one and a downtown location on N. 4th St. Since the locations each have different rooms and themes, I’m pretty sure I need to check out the downtown one next.

As someone who always needs new photos and content for my blog, the Viral Selfie Museum is a dream come true. What a fun way to get new head shots, Instagram content or blog images.

If you go to the Viral Selfie Museum, be sure to use #ViralColumbus when you share your pics so we can check out your handiwork. I can’t wait to go again soon!

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