Your tween or teen might love this edgy-cool DIY project


Where do your coolest ideas come from?

Between Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok and their awesome LGBTQIA+ peers, Journey comes up with some killer ideas for styling their room, makeup, art and fashion choices.

Recently, they got the idea to take an old, vintage jewelry box and refurbish it with an edgy, witchy or goth look.

I instantly got to work hunting for the right second-hand, stand-up jewelry box for this fun project.

I found a beauty on Facebook through my local Buy Nothing group. Because it had been a valuable piece at one time, the prior owner asked me for $5 instead of giving it to us for free. I would have paid $20. It’s gorgeous!

The Buy Nothing groups are fun to belong to. I make sure I give more than I get, and we’ve gotten some cool things – this jewelry box being the nicest item by far.


We got it home and E and Journey took over, sanding it and removing the fixtures that were easily removable.

Then, it got spray-painted a nice glossy black while splayed out on the front lawn.

Next, E found glass drawer knobs at Menards that met with Journey’s approval and complemented the overall aesthetic.

The finished piece is gorgeous, alternative and edgy looking.

The stand-up jewelry box sits in a corner of Journey’s room with a combo of jewelry, knickknacks and makeup in it. It even has a mirror up top.

Thanks to a little family teamwork, this second-hand narrow dresser is now the perfect, elegant piece of furniture for the modern witch!

Have you experimented with thrifting or DIY projects with your tween or teen? As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or over on Instagram or Facebook.

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