I’ve found a new mom role model – and she’s an android

Have you ever felt that being a mom caused you to become stronger and fiercer than you ever thought possible?

If you can relate to that statement, then HBO’s sci-fi series Raised by Wolves is a must-watch.

This show always seems to stay under the radar with mixed reviews, but I’m not sure how since I find it absolutely riveting.

The tagline for season one was “Never underestimate the strength of a mother” and that is a great summation of the series.

The basic plot is that earth has been destroyed by religious wars, so a pair of androids are sent with human embryos to a far-off planet to raise the children as their own as a new human race.

The androids, Mother and Father, are both wonderful characters in their own ways. Father is adorable, gentle and charming, often telling goofy dad jokes.

Mother, on the other hand, is a complete and total badass. We learn early in season one that she’s not just a caring, compassionate android mom – she’s also a deadly Necromancer, a human-created weapon in android form who is absolutely deadly and unstoppable when she is in warrior mode.

I’m a huge Mother fan, despite her obvious flaws (*cough* killing machine). She has many skills and abilities that would come in handy for any mom.

Here’s a list of my favorite Mother attributes and why this android is my new favorite mom role model:

  • Mother’s true purpose and mission is caregiving and nurturing her children, but she can fight like a warrior when needed
  • She is super nurturing, empathic and loving with her kids. She’s also willing to adopt others into her family once they prove they are not a threat to her children.
  • Mother can simply say “It’s time to sleep now, children” – and her kids go straight into a deep sleep. Man, I would love to have this superpower!
  • She can fly while simultaneously looking like a bronzed goddess. Seriously, the imagery of Mother powering up and becoming fully armored as she flies into the air never fails to thrill me. One almost feels sorry for the bad guys!
  • When she is in her weaponized form, Mother can explode bad guys with one screech. Talk about power.
  • Mother has magic laserbeam eyes. In fact, humans can’t even look at her in her weaponized form – if they do, their heads will explode. Men have to lower their eyes around her and look at the ground. I just love this character and her warrior ways!
  • She has instant, impenetrable armor anytime she needs it. This could really come in handy as a mom.
  • Mother is super fast and super strong even when she’s not weaponized. In season two, when she is robbed of her ability to weaponize, she says she is still stronger and better able to fight than any human.
  • She can heal wounds with a touch. Tell me this wouldn’t be helpful as a real-life mom!
  • Mother isn’t perfect – she once killed Father when he pissed her off – but she is more than willing to make up for her errors. She ended up bringing Father back to life and even got him to forgive her over time.
  • She incubated six human babies at once to fulfill her mission of creating a new human race on earth. Mother also gestated an additional baby in season two. She is always willing to sacrifice for her babies.
  • Mother may be a killing machine, but she’s also the new mother of humanity destined to save us all. Even though humans are flawed creatures ourselves, Mother is wholly dedicated to her mission and would do anything for her kids.

If you are a fan of sci-fi and haven’t yet watched HBO’s Raised by Wolves, you’ll have to give it a watch and see if you like Mother as much as I do. It’s interesting to see that even androids can’t be perfect parents. I am already looking forward to season three so I really hope HBO renews it for another season!

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