Hand, foot and mouth disease is the absolute worst

I’m typically a pretty positive person – some might even say too positive.

That’s why you may be shocked to hear that I feel like I’m being tested like Job right now. Somehow, our darling daughter managed to contract a case of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD). She then promptly passed it along to me.

It is sheer misery!

We all managed to avoid getting HFMD during Z’s infancy and toddlerhood. I remember it going through our daycare like wildfire and the babies crying inconsolably. Now that I’ve experienced HFMD as an adult, I can understand why they cry. It’s a pain and discomfort like no other.

It’s the oddest virus and I’m hoping I never get it again. This blog post is my reminder – to myself and anyone reading this – to avoid HFMD like it’s the plague.

I knew Z had it, I knew she was miserable, and I knew it was contagious – yet I still allowed her to share my drink. I guess you could say I got what was coming to me. I just felt so bad for her that I wasn’t about to say “No, my poor suffering child, don’t take a sip of my drink!”

The onset of HFMD symptoms is so bizarre that it legitimately feels like an Old Testament curse.

First you get dizziness and a mild fever with chills and a sore throat. The fever and dizziness don’t last long, but the sore throat persists. You don’t feel any hunger or desire to eat at all, but you also don’t feel that bad. In fact, I thought “Cool, I must not have caught HFMD!” and resumed normal activities.

Then, after a few days of feeling okay, you suddenly develop the tell-tale rash: red, flat blotches along hands and feet that burn, itch and sting like you’re touching nettles.

Within 24 hours, the rash quickly devolves into blisters and what can only be described as lesions. They HURT like you cannot imagine. They also sting, burn and ache incessantly. Mine feel way worse than they look.

Walking feels like your feet are being stabbed repeatedly with sharp pins. Doing anything with your hands hurts. Typing this is beyond annoying right now. Oh, and did I mention the irritability that comes from your hands and feet being covered with burning, stinging lesions?! Gahhhh!

The only good news is that HFMD does pass relatively quickly. It’s a virus that runs its course in about a week. By the time the lesions start, you feel 100% well otherwise. So it’s a couple of days of feeling mildly ill, followed by a couple of days of burning, stinging lesions. I suppose that’s not the end of the world.

But definitely avoid it if you can. HFMD is passed in bodily fluids like saliva, so avoid sharing food or drinks with anyone affected. There’s no treatment or cure, but cooling lotions feel good on the rash and eating ice cream or drinking cold liquids feels good during the fever/sore throat phase.

I’m really looking forward to my hands and feet healing up – and I’m super thankful that I didn’t get any of the rash on my face or anywhere else! I am also praying that I didn’t pass it along to anyone else.

Bottom line: HMFD is a mild but super annoying virus that we should all try not to share it if at all possible. Washing hands, avoiding close contact and NOT sharing food or drinks are a must when someone has this virus.

Here’s to better days! This too shall pass.

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